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My DIY Travel Mugs!

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Originally Posted by SunBride View Post
I made my own last year too. I used the mugs from Oriental Trading Company linked above:

Design Your Own! Travel Mugs

After shipping and eveything it came to like 4$ a mug.

Now they have the ones you used at Dollarama in Canada for 1$!!! Was very annoyed when I saw that 2 weeks ago.

Everyone should know that these are not insulated mugs (neither the ones I used nor the dollar store ones) like the more expensive ones. They are more like a cup with a lid that looks like an insulated mug. But they save you a lot of money. I laminated my inserts as I was worried that water would leak inside and ruin my inserts. It added about 1$ per mug to have them laminated (had it done at Staples).
Hmm..thanks! These may be my back up plan if I can't find them in a Dollar store locally.

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you'll never believe this but the hand sanitizer was from...




haha, you'd think I spend all my spare time there or something.

3 for $1!

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