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beautiful! i love the long skinny shell you tied on with ribbon. very pretty.


nice CD design too ... mind telling us what songs you included? i'm working on narrowing down my song list now.

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Thanks!!! I totally cheaped out on them but they worked out awesome... I didn't want to spend the 48$CAD on the avery labels/ inserts so I went to office depot and I took down the avery template code from the ones I wanted and went to the dollar store and bought regular card stock and just cut them out, and designed it on MS word and used clip art from MS Office online... The DVD lables themselves were a little more tricky. I found some at Dollarama and couldn't get the template on line anywhere so I ended up scanning one from MS word and then had to take the labels off of the parhment paper and carefully place them on the correct area of the new template, for what a pain in the "A" that was I should've just spent the money and bought the good ones... But hey, in the end they worked out!!!!

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