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Amy's Save the Date

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They were not that hard to make. I purchased the cardstock at KelleyPaper ( I just purchased the heaviest one they had.) However they did have this paper at Michaelâ€s as well. The cardstock for the envelope is from Staples. What actually happened was that my mother purchased the paper through her work but I felt it was too thin so I went and purchased the thicker paper for the tickets.


I used the Aylee templates and just played with the design on Microsoft Publisher. But FYI, I had such a hard time getting the printer to cooperate with me. The paper was so thick that the printer did not want to grab it. But I loved the finished product and everyone raved about it!


Aylee can make them for you. They are actually very popular right know. Try googling “boarding pass invitation†and Iâ€m sure you can find vendors. Also use our search box to find Ayleeâ€s template and website. (sorry I donâ€t have it right now). Tasha (Nabumbah), Anny (anacgarcia), and LALA all made them too, you can find instructions that we all posted while making them all over the site!


Let me know if you need more help.

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