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I just got my STD's from New & Blue (Wedding Invitations, Wedding Favors, Bridesmaid Gifts and much more! - NewandBlue Home Page)

and everything looks great! I had to let everyone know because they were great to work with.

After I rcvd my STD magnets, I realized that I needed the envolope carrier etc to put it in (you can't find them at the typical Office Max), and I paid extra for UPS 3Day shipping. They emailed me back the next day and said that to CA, UPS 3 day wasn't necessary (it only takes 3 days UPS Ground) and they refunded me the difference. I thought that was very kind and honest of them.

Their proofing system is great too! Just very easy to work with, tons of options for magnets, inexpensive (I bought 100 magnets for $97 incl shipping), just had to put the word out!

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I also used them to buy my std magnets. They were very easy to work with and i thought the prices were reasonable. My magnets came out well and I have received a lot of compliments on them :)

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