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Destination Scout

Just married in Tulum

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I just wanted to say hello. I was just married in Tulum, Mexico. We had a wonderful, beautiful time.

Tulum is an absolutely gorgeous beach town that is just starting to grow. There is so much to do, our guests were actually too busy. They could visit the breathtaking cliffside ruins, zipline into cenotes, scuba dive, snorkel in Soliman Bay, kayak through the rainforest preserve.....too much to do!

I didn't have much of a chance to post while I was planning. There is so little information out there regarding Tulum and I had great difficulty avoiding a "package" wedding. Now that I am done, I thought I would spend some time posting everything that I learned.

My photographer was amazing. We won't have the full set of pictures, but this is what he came up with in a few hours. I can't wait to see the rest.

Dreamtime Images Blog Archive Tulum, Mexico Wedding Photography: Malisa and Todd

I will certainly post a full wedding report - but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

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Your pics are absolutely beautiful! Where was your TTD exactly? I am getting married in Tulum in November 09, and I'm trying to just get an idea of the kinds of things I'd like to do... and those caves are one of them! Thanks for you info!

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Congratulations, and thank you.

We had the ceremony about 1/2 KM inside Sian Ka'an. The beach in Mexico is public property and you do not need approval to have a ceremony on the beach as long as you do not need access to the beach. We had several people staying at Hamaca Loca, Mil Amores and Casa Blanca so we just walked to the site in the morning.

We had the reception at Mil Amores, which was also my favorite place to stay. I had just found them in January, when it was too late to change everyone's reservations. They were super nice, reasonably priced, and the venue is absolutely dreamy.

The pictures in the cave was taken in Hidden Worlds. I have to be honest, there are cenotes EVERYWHERE and if we had more time we might have found something closer or less touristized. This one was easy. We had taken the group to Hidden Worlds and paid for their full package (skycycle, ziplines, snorkeling - I wouldn't do the skycycle again, but the rest was fun). The photographer thought it was a great site so we went back the next day just as they opened. The manager lent us his car and they gave us full run of the cenote for 3 hours.

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