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I don't even want to think about it, but my mother is driving me crazy worried about the tourism alerts for Cancun. I know it has been on the news and on the front page on the Sunday Houston Cronicle about teens traveling to Cancun for Spring Break. Everyone knows how the media loves to hype everything up and I just wanted to get the other brides on this forums opinion. Does anyone know first hand on the situation with traveling to Mexico? I would love to just ignore it and hope for the best for our wedding in September, but it might not be wise. :) Please let me know what you know about the situation or opinion. Thank you, Monica

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Hey Monica! Well, I don't know anything firsthand, but I have heard about some of the stuff on the news. My fiance looked it up on the gov't website, and he didn't seem to concerned...and he's a little paranoid! He's a police officer, so it's always safety first! Haha. From what I understand, it's just a general increase in crime in all of Mexico.


It isn't enough for me to change my plans or any of my guests either. I think we might be a little more hesitant about going off the resort and exploring or shopping though.

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Hi hun! Always search the thread before posting a new thread. Alot of things have already been discussed or are being discussed. This subject has been brought up ALOT! Read these other threads







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Since I was in Mexico when Cancun was in the headlines, I had completely missed the news reports everyone is speaking about. So I spent a few minutes researching what is going on.

Here is the travel warning published by the Department of State. Note that they warn against travel along the borders, especially along the Guatemala border. You will be no where near this.

MIG: Mexico Travel Alert


Here is a link to the Tulum board (also a great place to learn anything about Tulum) addressing the recent article. I agree with with Howie, that a stronger police and military presence is a good thing. Just think of it in terms of the US. If a US official were murdered we would have a higher police force, actually making the area safer.

Goings on in Cancun... - tulum.info forum


I noticed that the referenced article is no longer published. I found one published the same day. It looks like the murder in Cancun was a political assassination and not applicable to tourism (in my opinion).


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