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Cabo is Safe !!!

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Dear Brides


To clarify what some recent news agencies are reporting, safety when

traveling to Cabo has not been compromised as it has in other parts of

Mexico. Our community continues to provide a safe and peaceful

environment for residents and our visitors alike.


We are fortunate to live far outside of the influence of places like

Mexico City and Tijuana whose recent reports of violence alarm and

sadden all of us.


Please rest assured you will enjoy all of the peacefulness and

tranquility you expect from our beautiful resort community. We look

forward to welcoming you.


Warm Regards

Coleen Fagan

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Thanks Colleen I was getting a little worried, but my fiance funnily enough was freaking out more than I was. I'm going to show him this once I get home to ease his mind a bit.

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Thank you so much! I actually heard from my spanish professor about all of the violence and the news reported that it was unsafe for americans to travel to mexico any time soon! I about had a heart attack! So thank you for the reassurance!

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Yip, I agree with Coleen,


We are blessed to be at the very tip of a peninsula, separate from the mainland and that makes it a haven for tourists from around the world. Crewships come and go, making Cabo the 2nd most visited port in the world by those gigantic ships. You see tourists go to and fro and enjoy their vacations. There are more and more retirees coming here to make Cabo their home and the numbers are climbing. Cabo is like a Mexico outside Mexico. Cabo isn't perfect, but people here are business minded and are very tourist minded because we all know here that tourism feeds all of us.


Plus, tons and tons of money have been invested and are invested (a good sign of security) in more hotels and roads. In about two years we'll have a 4-lane road to La Paz, passing through Todos Santos, and that will give the region yet another boost to make the whole region much better connected for the benefit and safety of locals and tourists alike.


The Federal government has sent more highway patrol cars for the benefit of our community, they even brought a carton-patrol-car-like dummy they put on the highway, so unknowing drivers may slow down a bit and make our 19-mile 4-lane road safer.


The airport is expanding yet another terminal, the biggest one yet. Though occupancy isn't as high as in other years due to economic downturn around the world, we are making our best to make Cabo the premier destination in Mexico.


We love tourists and take good care of our customers.


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