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Other resorts besides RIU..

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Yes, Durham Bride, I am equally sorry we've stolen your thread...but are you at least getting some different ideas out of our theft-of-thread? wink.gif Please let us know if you have found additional resorts of interest other than RIU and Sandals -- any information is GREAT information!


And, Kaytee, yes -- the red one with the fountain is exactly the one I was referring to! I'm glad you think it's sort of cool, but wow! Where is that gazebo in the pic above? Your photos would look amazing with such incredible water views in the background! Do tell if you find out where that is, will you?


Thanks for the props on my dress; it's a really simple style, but fits my personality, so I dig it! Have you gotten your dress yet? I was surprised how insanely low the cost of mine was. On sale at David's Bridal, it was only $350, so all totalled, I got my dress, veil, underslip/undergarments and shoes for right around $750! That's what I'm talking about! People can call me The Bargain-Basement-Budget Bride if they want, but I'm not one of those spoiled ladies on the cable channel We TV's show "Platinum Weddings" for sure -- a deal is a deal! I'll be dressing it up with the jewelery/accessories I got from this great jeweler in the UK named Jane Carter. You should check out her site at Beady Eyes Designs - Buy Wedding jewellery, Bridal jewellery, Tiaras for Bride, Bridesmaids, Flower girls if you still need jewelery. She's a rockstar!


And, yes, I too am nervous about officially booking at SGOR. I had originally been looking at Sandals Grande St. Lucian, but my sister told me she might not be able to attend due to the cost. So then, we switched it to SGOR...and everyone seems happy with that, but I know exactly what you are saying about the feeling that you might find a better resort after you book, and it will be too late. I'll admit that I have been checking out ROR to see what it is all about and it seems like the cost of the rooms is significantly less expensive that at SGOR. Plus, they are way more up front about what different wedding packages include for the cost before you book (instead of like at Sandals, where the WC contacts you after you've already booked). All I know is that I want a really beautiful location for the ceremony and an actual RECEPTION and reception dinner without spending all kinds of extra money, dang it! I could be totally wrong, but it seems like Sandals doesn't take the same care and interest in weddings as RIU -- Maybe that is why ssssoooooooo many other brides on this site are going there!


Yup, I am torn now. I think overall, Sandals might have more for guests to do, more room options, and more restaurants (at a higher cost), but RIU seems to offer much nicer weddings and still gets consistently awesome reviews on Trip Advisor! Arrgh! After I speak to my at-home TA, I'll let you know what she says!


Keep on keepin' on, ladies!


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Hello! I have had the EXACT same feelings about ROR! I have been scoping them out to see what I want to do- I'm really on the fence. The points you made were exactly what I was feeling, everyone boasts about their ROR weddings, but I've seen some great sandals ones too. Choices, choices...


you will have to let me know what you decide. Maybe it will come down to a pro/con list. I DO know that I want to get married in a Gazebo setting with the ocean in the background, and ROR only offers beach weddings, or a gazebo in the "gardens." and this was my dream, so I think I might be stuck....who knows.

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