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Last name change vent

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This is really for my sister who got married last month...


She has always been called by her middle name as her first is the same as our mother's, so she decided once married, she would have that as her first name, our last as her middle and married name as last, so dropping her first given name altogether.


She began a new job soon after she returned from her honeymoon and her new boss said she should fill it the new employee paperwork with her new name since she was going to change it anyway. She has a marriage certificate, so her employee info and her new insurance has her 'new' name on it. She figured they knew what they were talking about, so she did it.


Today she went to have her name changed on her driver's license. She waited and waited, got up there and they said they could not change it to what she wanted.


Apparently since the 9/11 incident they are not allowed to have people change their middle name to their first and change their last name. Not sure I understand why, so maybe I missed a few details while listening to her rant ... so now she has to go to family court to get this all fixed! In the mean time, the only way she can have her employee paperwork changed is to have a notary be there when it is done!


She is very upset because she is still in the process of moving into her new home, starting a new job where she cannot take time off to get all of this fixed and the guy that advised her to do this in the first place is out for several weeks!


Oh, did I mention she is having to deal with all of this on her birthday too?

Sorry for rambling, but be advised to look into the specifics if you plan on a name change.

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wow, you can't change your last name to your middle name? weird...I don't understand why she can't change it, did she go to Social Security first? that is what I was told to do.

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Hi Christine! Yes, she sent off to get her SSN changed, but it has not come back yet. If they DO change it, she still needs a court order to have it changed at the DMV.

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wow that is crazy. I remember when you could change your name to elmo snuffalufogus if you wanted to. I wish her luck

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