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Calgary Brides Interested In Bikini Boot Camp!


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Hello Fellow Calgary Brides!


So, I have been scoping out spring bikini boot camps to get my rear in gear for the big day this June. However, I quickly realized that these camps are quite pricey...


So I immediately thought of all my BDW babes that might be interested too, but hindered by the cost factor. So I had a brilliant idea!


If anyone is interested in bridal boot camp, or bikini boot camp, or group personal training in general-- we should all link up for the spring and jump in somewhere together. That way we could try and get a group discount!


Also, I feel like it would be a great way to stay accountable. Think, "Oh no, I HAVE to go to boot camp today because if I don't all my BDW babes will know I'm slackin. I've gotta keep it up!"


Let me know what you think, and I'll scope specific courses, and we can get a list going!


Cheers! cheers.gif



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i love bikini boot camp!


just registered for this one:


it'll be my 3rd year with them


yes they're pricey but it's TOTALLY worth it

my last 2 trainers have been awesome and you get to work out with all girls

and it's all outside which is so much nicer being in nature than inside a stuffy gym


and since i'm gone getting married and on my honeymoon during the spring course they're lowering the price for me cuz i'm missing 6 classes right off the bat. woot!


i'll be in intermediate with nicole in Central for mondays & wednesdays at 7pm if anyone cares to join me muscle.gif

i'd love to meet you girls

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