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Zero Calorie Wine!


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Hey ladies - I just posted this on the shout thread but wanted to post here since not everyone gets on there.


So there is this new wine called "Slender" and it is zero calories and carbs! They gave it to the celebrities at the Oscars...I haven't tried it, but it is only $10.99 a bottle, so definitely worth a shot.


Here is more info on it:


Chateau Thomas Winery :: for the discriminating wine enthusiast



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Hmmmm, for $10 a bottle and no calories, as long as I can get past the first glass I am sure it is fine! I am not a profressional or anything, every glass is better then the one before it, so as long as you can get thru one, this sounds like a MUST TRY. Thanks for posting!


Darn it! They don't ship to PA or any of the surrounding states. Trying to keep us winos chunky I guess. (And by "US WINOS", I only meant MEEEEE! Cuz I love me some wine!)

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Just my personal opinion:


This is a wine for non-wine drinkers. These wines are all going to be on sweeter-side, taste-wise. If you like White Zinfandel, you will probably like it. These wines, while offering a great caloric incentive - IMHO are thin and flabby, without structure or any remote hint of complexity.


Now, this comes from someone who drinks wine - and lots of different wine - on a daily basis. So, I am used to more complex wines.


So, if you are not an avid wine drinker, you will probably be fine with this wine.


Hey - I started out drinking Boone's Farm and boxed Franzia!!! (and I still ALWAYS take a few bottles of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill with me when we go camping! It's a ritual!)

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