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Any suggestions on how to accentuate the waistline in a wedding dress?

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I love my wedding dress, but it doesn't define my waist at all. Here's a stock photo pic for reference:





Do you think a dark sash across the narrow part of the waist would work? My only concern is the bodice gathers up diagonally at the right hip, so a sash might throw off the asymmetry.


Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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Have you had it altered yet? It's a really pretty dress as is, and I think if you had it really tightly pulled in at the waist it would accentuate the area enough. You don't want to be uncomfortable of course, but all the ruching makes it hard to just add something. You could try some different sashes and take some pictures for us, but also ask your seamstress since they often have lots of ideas purely from experience.

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