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Itinerary ideas for guests during trip???


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So we just decided that we are going to extend the invitation from just parents and siblings to our Aunts, Uncles, cousins and close friends which brings us to probably around 25-35 guests. With that being said, I am now feeling the pressure of having to set up things to do for everyone, i.e. a welcome party, a more private reception, etc. But we don't have the extra money to spend to provide these things (we weren't even going to upgrade anything for the actual wedding!). So I was just thinking that if we gave our guests an itinerary for the weekend that included just meeting for dinner at one of their restaurants one night, maybe all meeting up for one of the shows one night, maybe meeting at the disco another night...are these all acceptable and doable things? Will the restaurants take a reservation in advance for that many people? And can we still do the included dinner at one of the restaurants for our reception with that many people? HELP! Any insight on what I'm supposed to do with my guests would be much appreciated!!!

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Hey Zinski!

FI and have a similar size (33 ppl) and have decided to plan evening "meet-ups" so that the group has the option of hanging out together every evening for cocktails and the "resort enteratinment."


However, I we really wanted to host a couple days of fun events for the day also-- but do have budget restrictions.


With that in mind we have decided to do the following:


Beachlympics-- Volleyball Tourney

Water polo

Kayak Races

Rock wall races (there is a climbing wall at our resort)

There will also be goofy things like dance offs, three-legged races, etc.


I am going to ask the resort planner what the rules are on hosting a bonfire for one of the evenings.


Also, we will likely plan an excursion-- zip-lining, horseback riding, tour, whatev.-- and extend an invite to whomever would like to join us. We will find something as affordable as possible so that anyone wishing to join us is able to, without FI and I needed to cover the cost for everyone.


I think its important to keep in mind that you are visiting an amazing locations, where the drinks and food will be great, and everyone will naturally gather throughout the day-- be it in the restaraunts, by the pool or otherwise. Your guests won't expect, and probably won't want, everyday to have something scheduled. That's the beauty of a DW, it's a vacaay for everyone!


Hope this helps! Good luck!

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We had a welcome cocktail hour for our guests the night most everyone arrived. I also planned a group trip to Dunn's River Falls and a couple other places one day. I just invited everyone along before the trip, so nobody felt obligated to go.


Our guests congregated in the same spot every night if they wanted to be with the group. I wouldn't worry about planning something for every night in advance. If I were a guest at a destination wedding, I wouldn't want to be told what to do every night. Your guests are on vacation, don't be afraid to let them do their own thing. You'll be surprised how much they will get together on their own.


We had a total of 35 people, and that was fine for the free dinner at our resort, but you might want to check with yours.


I think you will have a hard time making a dinner reservation for your whole group, but like I said before, let them do their own thing. They may not want to spend every night with 30 other people.

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