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Are passports required for Mexico?


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We are looking at possibly June 2009 in Mexico ... and I have a ton of questions:


1. Will all guests need passports?

2. Is it actually less expensive to go with an all inclusive?

3. Any approximate per guest cost for Cabo area?

4. Do any of you care to share your budget for a Cabo wedding and what it included? (or even just approximately)


We are almost out of time so that might dictate some decisions (June 09). We really wanted to do a destination wedding but when my FI first started sharing this news with his family they weren't too thrilled. We are even considering just doing this with us and our 5 kids ... as this really is about US and the blending of our family. Not first weddings for us ... so it changes things somewhat. I want to be happy and excited ... not stressed out about trying to please everyone else.


I'd love to hear any and all advice ... thanks! *SmiLes* Suzanne

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I can't answer all your questions, but I can answer a bit


1. Yes. Your guests will need passports for Mexico. Go to the state department web site for details, but they need them.


2. Depending on an the all inclusive, they can be cheaper. But if you go really high end, they can be more expensive. Also, if you go (for evenings, meals, whatever) out off-property, that adds to the price. But, one of the nice things about an all-inclusive is that (assuming you eat all your meals and do the majority of your drinking on property), there is no guess work to the budget - it costs what it costs.


Good luck!

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Hi There,

I can try to answer some:

1. Yes you do requrie passports for Mexico

2. This is somewhat dependent of what level of accomdations, etc you want to stay at. Honestly I've been to Mexico 3 times and would never stay anywhere that wasn't an all inclusive. Not only are they typically less money - the convenience factor is huge.

3. My guests paid $1987.50 each - this is from Canada and we stayed at the Riu Palace which is a little higher end. That included flights and accomodations however there are plenty of resorts that are less than that and obviously flights from Canada are substantially more than from the states.

4. Hmmmm budget....we really tried to stick to one but didn't do that good of a job of keeping track...haha. I guess we had our flights & hotel ($5000 - we upgraded), wedding package & extras ($2500) and then attire ($1000). Other than that we didn't spend much more on anything as everything was included in the wedding package. I am guessing a little high on this stuff and honestly I don't consider the flights & accomodations as part of the 'wedding' budget as it's no different than we our guests had to pay to be there if that makes any senses. Overall I still think it was cheaper than an all out wedding back in our hometown and we went somewhat high end.


And honestly - remember to keep it about you guys! It's your day and how you choose to celebrate it is about you and your newly blended famly!! I am lucky that I had supportive parents and in-laws and they were going to be there no matter where it was. The only person I disappointed by going to Mexico was my grandmother but she wouldn't have come anywhere other than our hometown and that just wasn't going to happen so she wouldn't have been there either way.

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Hello! Everyone will need passports, but we got ours in less than three weeks. Everyone should have ample time to get them! My parents and grandparents used up all their timeshare weeks to get everyone free rooms, so I'm not sure about cost of rooms. The main costs were: Flights. They were $350 from CA and $640 for our guests from MN. The photographer was $1200. The cake was $365. Flowers $302. Dress $400. DJ $600. Rehearsal Dinner $50 per person. Caterer for wedding: food and beer: $1500. And, hair and make up $237. Food in Cabo can run anywhere from $3-$50 per meal depending on where you eat. All our rooms have kitchens in them, so we're able to save on breakfast and drinks... Cabo is a beautiful destination and the weather is always wonderful. This forum has great ideas on how to do a DW on a budget!

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