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Flush Mount Album vs Photo Prints??

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Hello all:


Which has a greater value price wise? Is it a better deal to have fewer prints of your photos, but have them give you a flush mount album? Or is it a better deal to have more photo prints and buy your own album. I am not familiar with what a flush mount album looks like. Is it something you can buy at like Wal-Mart? Does anyone know about how much they cost?


Thanks so much for the advice.

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In my opinion, I would say go for the album rather than the number of prints.


Assuming that your photographer will give you the digital files of your photos ( If not, maybe you should ask for that ), you can always make very good prints yourself later on from the various online printing labs.


However, albums that professional photographers have access to are not available to the consumer. Hence that album that you buy at Target will look pretty awful compared to the ones your photographer will make for you. Just don't go with the cheapest choice. You get what you pay for.


Flush mount albums are basically albums in which pictures are mounted flush on the pages. You can just google "flush mount album" and you'll be able to see plenty of examples and what they look like.

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nope you can't buy flush mount albums at walmart. You can't order them without being a pro photgorapher or designer. Well, there is a company that sells flush mount albums to brides, but it's not the pro quality.


Ask to see a sample of your photographer's albums. if they are not in your area, ask for some pictures. Flush mounts are really nice.


I personally prefer the album. I'm not one to hang up a lot of pictures from our wedding. I look at them all the time, but I don't have many on the wall.

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