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Cocktail Hour - How Long??

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Hello everyone!


Not sure if this is the right place for this question but i was hoping to find out from previous brides and upcoming ones...how long was your cocktail hour?


At our resort our cocktail hour is for 2 hours which to me seems kind of long. We are planning to have it after our reception while we and bridal party take pictures. Im considering cutting it to just 1 hour but I wanted to hear what others had to say



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Ours was an hour and a half, and that worked out very nicely. I had the mariachi band play at the beginning (for 45 minutes) and then near the end of their set the bridal party showed up from taking pictures. So we were still able to have some drinks and mingle with the guests before going to dinner. That was very nice. Plus, if people know what time dinner is, they don't necessarily have to show up for the whole two hours.

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My ceremony is early - 1pm, so I was thinking of having 2 hours of cocktail reception afterwards. I might just make that my entire reception, or we might go to restaurant for dinner after the cocktails. From what I heard, at the Moon Palace, the cocktail receptions have a lot of food though.


I think if you are going to have it after your reception, I bet an hour would be enough. People might be tired by then!

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Thanks Ladies! I think we will do it for an hour and a half and change it to 1hr later if thats too long. Ill also ask my photographer how long he usually takes pics of bridal party and bride and groom to get an idea


Tlseege - we are also having a Mariachi band for the cocktail hour :) Im excited!

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