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Our OOT bags and contents! So much fun!

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How did you manage to get the Webster Spanish books for only 42 cents each?  Do you have the ebay sellers name still?  thanks!

I found your post soooo useful and thank you for all the great links! :)

Originally Posted by TinaM2b View Post

Oops forgot to list items that were not mentioned earlier. I include the taxes and/or shipping paid in my prices.

Hand Sanitizer - Dollar Store - .36
Tissue - Dollar Store -.14
Notepad - Dollar Store - .27
Sunscreen - Dollar Store - $1.08
puzzle book - $1.08
Webster English - Spansish - Ebay - .42
Orange Waterproof Id/key/money wallet - Online advertising company - .88
playing cards - .83
Coconut tree pens - .36

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Your oot bags are fantastic! My question is where did you find the oh shit kit container i looked for them today and couldn't find them but they're perfect to hold all the little items? I hope you are still on this forum and if you aren't and someone else knows where I can find these I would really appreciate the info! Thanks

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