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Cancun day spa, hair questions

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Hi, I am getting married at the RPLA in april this year and was wondering if anyone had any reccommendations for a hairdresser and day spa outside of the hotel, the reason being that initially I was thinking of spnding the day at the spa in our hotel with my bridesmaids and both mums before getting my hair done at the hotel, however on recieving the prices for the spa and hairdresser they are really expensive so was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative. I will pay the cost of having my hair done there if there is no alternative but was thinking there must be some other salons nearby the hotel who could do just a good job of putting my hair up. Also wondered if anyone else knew of anywhere nearby where we can have a girly few hours away from the boys (tradition of not seeing the groom until the ceremony) as I don't gt married until 5.30pm and want to do something relaxing beforehand. Thanks in advance for any reccommendations, as you can probably tell, I've never ben to cancun before

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