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Getting Married in Belize in May

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#1 BelizeBride

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    Posted 22 February 2009 - 02:04 AM

    I am getting married on Cayo Espanto (a private island off the coast of Ambergris Caye) on May 9 - just months away! We will be staying in San Pedro until the day of the wedding, then spending some time on Cayo Espanto, then off to explore Belize for our honeymoon. I would love to talk to some brides who plan to get married, or already have gotten married in Belize. While I am feeling pretty comfortable with the process thus far, I would love to hear ideas and suggestions as to how to make Belize most enjoyable for myself and my fiance as well as our guests. For instance, what are some things we must see and/or do? Was there a really great restaurant we must try? Are there big bugs and do I need insect repellent? What was the weather like? Basically any information anyone can provide would be appreciated.

    #2 ashey063009

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      Posted 22 February 2009 - 03:36 AM

      Hey Belize Bride!!

      1st-- Belize is AMAzING! My dad and his wife married on Ambergris Caye two Novembers ago, and it was PHENOMENAL!

      The thing I would recommend most is taking advantage of Jaguar Ridge's tours. They do a Cave touring trip that is unforgettable, and unlike anything you can do in other countries.

      As for the weather, Central America has similar patters to Mexico, so you're going to experience the end of their "warm season" and the beginning of HOT and rainy.

      You also HAVE to go to the "Crazy Canuck" in San Pedro. Such a fun party spot for tourists and locals alike. Everyone is very, very friendly and the beer is sooooooo cheap! lol

      If you have any specific questions about weddings, customs, legalities, etc. Let me know and I can get you in touch with my stepmom-- who became a genuis with the specifics.

      Oh, and also... I think its illegal NOT to go scuba diving or snorkeling, as Belize as the second largest and most beautiful barrier reef next to Australia. I think that renting a catamaran for the day, or something like that would be a great idea!


      #3 Rhonda

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        Posted 22 February 2009 - 11:20 AM

        I won't be much help to you, but, I just wanted to say CONGRATS!!
        Also, I will be on my honeymoon in Belize (Ambergris Caye) the week you are getting married! My FI and I will be there May 4th-11th.
        We don't plan to do much...mostly relaxation, but, will definitely check out San Pedro and do some snorkeling. I really want to go to the "Blue Hole", which I heard is amazing for diving and snorkeling.
        If I hear of more, I can let you know!

        #4 CherBear

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          Posted 03 March 2009 - 08:01 AM

          I am also getting married in Belize. We'll be at the Almond Beach resort in Stann Creek. So far, the staff has been very nice and they answer my emails within minutes (now I'm the one holding things up lol).

          #5 bitohoney

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            Posted 06 March 2009 - 09:02 PM

            Oh man, jealous. I had been looking at Cayo Espante wishing I might be able to have my wedding there, but felt awful that my guests might have to pay that much to stay there. How many guests are coming and are they staying on the island? I see that you mentioned you were staying in San Pedro (where are you staying if you don;t mind me asking)? and how many nights are you staying on Cayo Espante; I often wondered if you could reserve the island for only one day or if you could hold a wedding on the island with guests that aren't staying there? Any information would help and I'm very excited for you - best of wishes
            Cheers: Elizabeth

            #6 Blinky7117

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              Posted 07 March 2009 - 02:29 PM

              I'm getting married in May as well, but I'm a little later. Where are you staying prior to the wedding? We are getting married at Xanadu. Good luck planning!

              #7 BelizeBride

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                Posted 12 March 2009 - 11:39 PM

                Thanks for your replies. Cayo Espanto does look beautiful (though I have never been there). My fiance is related to the owner of Cayo Espanto, which is how we are able to marry there otherwise we would never be able to afford it. We are staying at Ramon's Village before the wedding and then staying at Cayo Espanto for a few days after. I do believe you could hold a wedding there without having all of the guests stay on the island and I think you can stay there for shorter periods of time (their website says there is a minimum night stay, but I bet if you called you could work something out).

                As for the planning process, things have been somewhat difficult. Things are more expensive that I anticipated, which is always a bummer. The staff at Cayo Espanto have not been super helpful, but we do have a really great wedding planner and that makes all the difference!

                I hope that answers all your questions!

                #8 ny-bze

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                  Posted 24 March 2009 - 10:54 PM

                  Hi all,

                  I'm getting married on Ambergris Caye May 22nd. We selected Las Terrazas which is a new condo property on the north side of the island. I've only visited Belize once, but absolutely fell in love with it. It's a very special place - very rustic, charming and adventurous. Planning is not the easiest as it's not as built up as some other destinations, but I haven't minded that so much as we want something more laid back. We'll have about 50 guests - mostly family and close friends, so it should be a relaxing and fun event. Let me know if you have any other questions about Belize. So looking forward to being there in two months!


                  #9 bride13

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                    Posted 26 December 2012 - 07:16 PM

                    Hi Jamie -- I'm looking into the same resort for a June wedding this year but am concerned about the extra leg that guests would have to take from Belize intl airport to San pedro and then ferry to las terrazzas. Also would it feel like the caye is isolating? Enough for guests to do? And hear there may be bugs during the June time? Many thanks for any advice! We are also thinking of 50 guests.

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