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Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica-Help!

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Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Jamaica


Hello Everyone!

I have been planning my wedding for a little over a year and a half. My fiance and I fell in love with the Gran Bahia in Mexico. He had been to Jamaica before and really wanted to get married there. When we saw there was a Gran Bahia in Jamaica it was a no brainer. Now I am a few months away from my wedding and everything seems to be falling apart.


At first I booked everything with the site wedding coordinator named Grace. You could tell through email that she did not speak English very well and it always took about 3 or 4 emails to get answers to basic questions. But she did answer them within one or two days.


A few months ago I sent an email to them and I got a response in less than an hour from someone name Beverley who explained to me she is now in charge. She answered all of my emails quickly and they all made sense. I was very happy.


Now I am trying to confirm certain things with her as I am seeing posts all over saying that the Bahia prices went up for weddings. She has emailed me back one answer out of 5 emails in 3 weeks. And that answer told me that she has to charge me $800 for something that Grace told me was included. Now I can get no answers from her, I added an international calling package to my cell phone to try and call her but I have gotten no where. I have tried speaking with a manager of the hotel with no answer. I am freaking out that this is going to cost me 10 times more than we planned on and I do not know what to do! Does anyone have any advice that can help me!?

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Hello Laura,


I too am in the same boat as you are!!! The EXACT SAME!! I loved the B.P. properties in Mexico and ive been all over the caribean and wanted to get married on the beautiful beaches of Jam. Same as you I figured I couldnt go wrong with the beautiful B.P. properties...well same as you I am dealing with Beverly and she only replies to the easy emails not the ones where you question pricing and such. So i did call her i have a 1800 number that should work international..im in canada and it works I will find it and post it for you.

Their wedding pacages are very pricy for what you get. it runs from 1100-2200 plus. If you want nicer flowers or and upgraded anything it costs extra and that only includes 10 ppl if you have extra guests as i do 30 plus you have to pay an extra 80-120 plus a person to have them eat in the all inclusive resturant...i dont think thats right at all, and there is no private space you have to share the resturant with normal guests of the hotel and they will not close it to nobody unless you have 100 guests...really who has 100 ppl paying 2000 dollars to go to a suposed all inclusive resort! Then you cant have a mic or dancefloor in the resturant because it would disturb other guests. My sister had a dest wedd and she had a nice ballroom where there was a dj and a dancefloor a head table and bar set up. I asked if they had rooms like that and she said they have conf rooms but they dont serve food in them and i said what about a dj so i can have the reception that night in there and she said no because it would be too noisy and bother other guests...so im like where the heck am i suposed to do it...she said i can rent the wedding gazebo for 800 us till 10 or 11 thats the cost to rent what none else would be using and turn the lights on and the dj cost is almost 300 us an hour!! my sister paid i think 200 us for 3 hrs and 100 for every hour after that! So are you kidding me!!! and who wants to party till 10 or 11 outside....and she also reminded me that didnt include any alchol...well isnt it all inclusive, im really confused and my wedding is set for April 13 2009 our party will be there from the 10-17. I hope you found some answers i need some so if we can help each other..two heads is better than one!! If i knew they were going to charge an arm and a leg i would have picked a diff hotel as well, its deff too late now i have my depsts down and seats pre booked! Oh ya and if you want the rest all to yourself you would have to pay 8000 US..ya frickn right huh!! Hope to hear from you soon!


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We are getting married there in about 2 months.. I have had the same problems with the whole no contact stuff.. Which is fustrating! My travel agent advised me that she has dealt with a few other destination weddings and all brides seem to have the same problem about having contact with their wedding planners.. so I am just trying not to worry about it!


We aren't really adding anything on to our wedding package so I am not too worry about the price.. but now that I hear the wedding packages have gone up, I am curious now what I will be charged!

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