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Nominate Your MotM for February!

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It's that time again to nominate MotM's, this time for February!

We have so many new members, especially after Valentines Day, that many of you may not know about this contest. "MotM" is short for Member of the Month. Each month we open a thread where you can nominate a member as a "Mrs." or as a "B2B" (Bride to Be).

The rules are:
A) Please limit your choices - 1 nominee per category
(if you post more, only the first nominee will count)

B) The winners from the past 3 months cannot be nominated.

The winners from the last 3 months that we have had the contest are:

January: Abbie and Amy
December: Erin and Casey
November: Kat and Jacqueline

I will post a Poll with your nominations by Tuesday the 24th, (short month, quickie noms and votes!) then we can vote and have our new winners by the beginning of next month!

Happy Nominating!

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Thanks Carly (and Abbie and Jess)! And yes I definitely second the nomination of Morgan - she rules.


I will nominate Bianca again for B2B - she is always so helpful.

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There are always so many great members, it's hard to choose!


I'll nominate Marie (MarieSam) for B2B and Stacey for Mrs.

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