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I bought my wedding dress early...now how do i store it for 18 months??

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I had mine in my mothers attic from 2001 until about 6 months ago when we took it down to make sure nothing happened to it. It does have a train, if you flip the train up there is a loop to hang it from the hanger.


When I made my appt for my first fitting at David's which is where I bought it from 8 years ago, the lady was scared to death. When I went in, put it on, she was in total shock, besides the wrinkles it looked like the day I brought it home. My veil was also in the same garment bag, and is just wrinkled from hell and back, but the seamstress told me to bring it with me for my final fitting and she would steam it for me.


I go next week for my hopefully final fitting, so I will get plenty of pics and make sure I post some for you girls.


Trust me, I think I have storage of a wedding gown that was never used record! Yours will be fine for 18 months!!

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I've heard a good place to store it is under your bed. Makes sense, it's flat and should be relatively undisturbed.


And seriously, who's fella is going to look under the bed for anything!


I agree with the pp about not looking at other dresses. It's hard, but would be harder if you had to make a decision between 2 (and then paying for 2!)

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Where did you get a box big enough to fit your dress? Especially one to fit under your bed? Any suggestions?!! I have to pick up my dress next weekend...

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