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What are you doing for a group welcome?

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#11 *Nadine*

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    Posted 20 February 2009 - 08:13 PM

    we are doing the same as you Fanny. Most of our guests are arriving Friday, the rest on Saturday, so both nights we will be there to greet everyone with their OOT bags, and then will just carry the night on at the lobby bar or something. Definitely low key, but the most budget friendly esp since we will have around 85 people.

    #12 Cindy&London

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      Posted 20 February 2009 - 08:22 PM

      Our wedding is on Monday and all of our guests will be arriving Friday or Saturday. We are also staying at an AI and with our wedding package there was a Free dinner included. Well, we are having a cocktail party for our reception so we are using the dinner as our Welcome Dinner. The Welcome Dinner will be on the Saturday at 8pm.. I know everyone will be there by then. Everyone who has RSVP'd or booked their flights/rooms with our TA will be receiving a letter that let's them know when and where the Welcome Dinner is. I have already reserved the time and restaurant.. I just e-mailed our WC and let her know what the plan was. I bought fun beach paper from Office Depot and printed out our Welcome letter on there. Also, I just went to our resort website and d/l'd a map and printed those out and hightlighted the restaurant, so it would be easy to find for everyone!
      After our Welcome Dinner we are going out for our bach parties since neither of us got to do that either :) Plus, half of my wedding party is in Ontario and I'm in Alberta.
      Anyways, that's the plan for the Welcome Dinner!! Hope this helps.

      #13 Mother of Bride

      Mother of Bride
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        Posted 21 February 2009 - 08:01 PM

        Since we have not met all the new in-laws, we too are wondering how to "break the ice" for that first meeting. Since we are keeping things pretty simple, guess we are just might try meeting w/ the whole group at the Lobby Bar for drinks the first night we arrive & then see how it goes from there. I think some people just prefer to have things impromptu & not so planned out.

        #14 BillysBride

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          Posted 22 February 2009 - 01:34 PM

          We're doing a welcome dinner the night before as well. I figure anyone whose coming will be there by then or they just "ain't" gonna make it anyway.

          We're having a buffet dinner set up at one of the restaurants in town. The resort where we're having the wedding is on it's own seperate little island connected to the main town by a walkway so we'll just meet up with everyone in a central location and walk as a group across the bridge.

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          #15 nibsmom

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            Posted 22 February 2009 - 02:21 PM

            Most of our guests are arriving on Thursday - our wedding is Saturday. I was planning on having a welcome brunch on Friday morning, and then having a bridal party/family dinner on Friday night.

            We were also planning on having a send off breakfast on Sunday morning, before Matt and I leave for our honeymoon. Hopefully we can work some of these out so we can just have them in hotel restaurants (I'm at an AI), and they won't cost us anything. I don't think we'll have so many people that we can't sit together!

            #16 Hartyt509

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              Posted 22 February 2009 - 03:14 PM

              I'm not having one lol Now there's a surprise lol

              There are only going to be 7 guests, everyone else has bailed!! we might have another 2 depending on whether FI's mate can get his leave authorised.

              3 are travelling with us so no need for a welcome we'll be sick of each other after a 11 hour flight lol FMIL and bloke are turning up the day after and FI can go meet them I refuse lmao

              My best mate is coming the day before the wedding with her mate so i'll go meet her for when she gets there but thats it really

              Not having a get together because everyone knows everyone except the inlaws and really don't think my lot will lose any sleep if they never see them and i certainly wont lol

              #17 Sloan

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                Posted 22 February 2009 - 04:10 PM

                Originally Posted by Ana
                We are just going to ask everyone to meet us at one of the bars for cocktails and a dinner together....kind of boring
                Not boring! You're on vacay! How could it be boring?

                That's pretty much all we plan on doing anyway. The first day were there gather up the troops and all have dinner together. They've all pretty much all met each other anyway. Plus we're all travelling in the same limo and flying out on the same flight. Not much of a welcome dinner needed.

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