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Villa Del Arco


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my dad and a bunch of his crew stayed there for my wedding. They really liked it. I guess that there was a mix-up with their room so when they arrived, they were upgraded to a 3k sq ft penthouse. I heard it was amazing. If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to ask them.

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So Erik's parents are paying for our hotel stay while we are in Cabo for wedding present.

We are staying at Villa del Arco.

they are also staying there to.

It looks nice from the pictures...and also read a lot of good reviews from travel advisor.


Hope it is nice.



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Andrea, It's a nice resort, the pool is pretty quiet so you'll be able to relax a bit. My only problem with the resort is, I wasn't happy with their food. If you end up doing the AI option you can go to all three of their resorts to eat and hang out. Villa Del Palmar has activities going on all the time, but their food isn't that great their either. The rooms at Villa del Arco are nice.

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We toured Villa Del Arco & the property is beautiful & new. It's also more quiet & adult than the Palmar property. It's on Medano beach, but far enough away from the madness to seem somewhat private. It's a good 10 - 20 minute walk down the beach to the nearest restaurant, or you can walk on the street & probably get there quicker.


Bottom line - I think this would be a great honeymoon venue - it's really well appointed & luxurious feeling. And you don't have to do AI, just stay there.

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Thanks girls for the heads up. I think we are just going to stay there.

Erik and I like to go to The Office for breakfast and since Erik, his parents and brother & sister in law are going to come on Thursday we have the dinner nights planned out....

(i think, still have to talk to my mom and them to see if everyone agrees)


Thurs. night go to The Office for dinner and show

Friday night: go to Brasil steakhouse (Erik and I really like this place)

Sat night: Wedding (eat dinner at Baja Cantina) then go for drinks at Sancha Panza

Sunday we leave.



My family and I will be there from July 22 to july 29 so we will be staying at timeshare called Los Cabos Golf Resort....in corridor but close to Cabo.

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