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Favorite Excursions in the Ocho Rios Area

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Originally Posted by krista View Post
Thanks for the info Jamaica0619, I was wondering about the Appleton Rum tour as well. Who did you book that tour through? How was the other part, the YS Falls and Black River? Was it a full day tour? Do you remember how much it cost? Do they pick everyone up at the hotel?
We booked the tour through Jamaica Tours (which was recommended by our TA). I have nothing to compare them to in terms of the other tour groups on the island. But, we liked them. They gave you a lot of information about the island, the people, customs, etc while you were going from place to place. And, answered a lot of questions. The tour was a full day. They picked us up at the hotel at 8:30ish and dropped us off at the hotel at 5:30ish. I cannot find the receipt with the details, but we paid $366 for the two of us to do the two tours (we also did the Cryoden Plantantion tour) . So, I am guessing this one might have been around $100 to $120 per person.

The Black River Safari was our first stop, and it was a boat ride along the black river. We saw three American Alligators (I think they were alligators, not crocodiles, but I coudl be wrong), which was very cool. I am used to taking these types of tours and seeing nothing. We even got some really great pictures of them. We also saw a lot of different birds. Some they were able to get us really close to. About mid-way through the tour they stopped the boat so we could enjoy the scenery and a rum punch.

After the tour we got a lunch of jerk chicken and rice (included in the cost), which was tastey.

From there we went to YS Falls. The bus drops you off at the base of the plantation on which the falls are locate and you take a jittney type ride to the falls themselves. We had about an hour there to explore on our own. We should have had a longer time but the tour was running late and we had to be at Appleton by a certain time. The falls were beautiful. I spent some time taking photos (I am really into photography), and then went for a swim in the falls. The water was wonderful.

We then went to the Appleton tour.

Of course admission to everything is included in the price - which all three would charge if you go on your own.

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I stayed in Ocho Rios about two years ago and did Dunns River Falls and Horseback riding in the ocean... it was a little scary b/c you are literally on a horses back while it's practically swimming and you're wearing just a bathing suit! But soo much fun

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