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Post your "Must Have" wedding songs

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OK so what I am thinking so far is:

father-daughter dance - I Loved Her First - Heartland

mother-son dance - Mama - Boyz II Men

cake cutting - Put It In Your Mouth - Akinyele   (you have to be a hip hop fan to know this song is super explicit, but 1 of our groomsman is making the instrumental version have just the girls part of the chorus, so it will be funny for all the young ones and the older ones won't know the song so they won't be offended LOL)

bouquet toss - Single Ladies - Beyonce

garter removal and toss - Lets Get It On - Marvin Gaye

first dance - still totally undecided - maybe Here I stand - Usher??  we have to have something r&b and I'd like something newer


everything else I am still working on :)


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This is a great site!!! Thank you!!!


Originally Posted by sjmacphe View Post

If you guys are interested I found a somewhat useful site, it has several playlists of various genres of music by a NY DJ. Hope it is helpful!

dj nyc
There is a good page with lots of indie wedding music ideas :)


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