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Hi..newbie from UK

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OMG you guys are friendly.

We have narrowed it down to Florida. Reasons being, it is beautiful, there are a variety of places to stay to suit all budgets and some of the guests don't have much money. Ideally I would love to be able to pay for everybody's trip but alas without winning the lottery, it just is not going to happen.

I am off to read what I can on the forum about Florida weddings now. Pen and paper at the ready.

Not sure yet if we should just book the whole thing including wedding through a UK travel agent or if we should organise the wedding through a specialised Florida company. Sighs.... any advice welcome.


Also have decided on November 2010. Seems like a long time away but I bet it looms up really fast. (any opinions for or against November welcome).

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Thank you Fleur, that is a very kind offer. Someone on another forum recommended paradise cove, lake Bryan and from what we have seen it looks nice and it is in a good position in relation to where we would probably stay, which is near to the theme parks so the guests have plenty to occupy them.

If we decide that the cove is not what we are looking for I will definitely be asking you lots of ? aout the keys.


We will also probably need a co-ordinater so I guess I need to search the forum for recommendations in the Orlando area. It is abit of a worry because we read on another site about a co-ordinater doing a runner with the money and leaving a lot of brides high and dry. I guess you have to have a lot of trust in people to organise all this stuff from afar.


I did tell Natalie I wouldn't mind if she and Darren decided to elope and tell us afterwards.

I would be heartbroken if they did that.



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