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I'm working on addressing my envelopes but came to a stopping point when I realized I didn't know the appropriate abbrevation for engineer. blush2.gif


Did anyone invite an engineer? If so, how are you supposed to abbreviate it?


I've seen


Eng. John Doe and Engr. John Doe


but I don't know which one is correct? TIA!

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ummmmm. i didnt think you were really supposed to go with proper titles unless dr, judge, or reverend types of things. isnt an engineer just like regular ole' worker folk?

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I think an Engineer is a pretty high title to have, not like a "worker joe", but I am not sure it calls for a title. I thought a title would be limited to the ones that Abbie mentioned as well.

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i guess i was just picturing how you address someone when you greet them, like "oh hello there judge judy, nice to see you today." or "great sermon, reverend john!" i couldnt picture really saying "how are you today engineer joe? thanks for designing that building!" or whatever.

kwim? wink.gif

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In Canada it's a bit different, but here's what I found on Wikipedia!


Common abbreviations of engineering disciplines (U.S. and Canada)

An abbreviation of the discipline is often used to represent an engineer's degree where one might typically use M.S. or Ph.D. Several are potentially ambiguous, especially P.E.


Agricultural Engineer - Ag. E. or A.E.

Architectural Engineer - AR. E.

Bioengineer - B.E. or Bio. E.

Biomedical Engineer - B.M.E.

Chemical Engineer - Ch. E. or Chem. E.

Petroleum Engineer - P.E.

Building Engineer - B.E.

Ceramic Engineer - Cer. E.

Civil Engineer - C.E.

Clinical Engineer - C.E.

Computer Engineer - Cp. E.

Computer Scientist - C.S.

Electrical Engineer - E.E.

Electronics Engineer - Ec. E

Industrial Engineer - I.E.

Structural Engineer - S.E.

Software Engineer - S.E. or S.W.E.

Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics - E.A.A.

Engineer in Computer Science - E.C.S.

Engineer in Mechanics - E.M.

Environmental Engineer - Env. E.

General Engineer - G.E.

Geological Engineer - G.E.

Materials Engineer - Mat. E.

Mechanical Engineer - Mech. E. or M.E.

Manufacturing Engineer - Mfg. E

Mechatronic Engineer - M.T.E.

Metallurgical Engineer - Met. E.

Mining Engineer - Min. E

Naval Engineer - Nav. E.

Nuclear Engineer - Nucl. E.

Ocean Engineer - Ocean. E.

Production Engineer - Prod. E.

Systems Engineer - Sys. E.

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The one that I know of is P. Eng (i.e. professional engineer). But I think you have to pay the free to belong to the engineer society or whatever to be allowed to put that on your signature. I've talked about it with my husband before as he is an engineer. He says you have to be one for 5 years before being considered a professional.


Regardless, I agree that you wouldn't put it on an invitation, unless the person you have in mind is a little pretentious and really likes the title (have you ever heard of him using his engineer title before?)

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Yeah this guy is a relative to our family and has since retired from his engineering profession. My mom is pushing me to include a "title" on the invite for him and I was like wtf.gif

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hey, i'm an engineer so i can help you out a little bit here.


to be considered an EIT (engineer in training) you have to have graduated with a 4-year degree from an accredited university & passed an 8-hour fundamentals of engineering exam


to be an PE (professional engineer) you have to have been an EIT for 4 years, worked under a PE, and taken another 8 hour exam.


these are the bare bones requirements, each state is a little bit different.


my guess is that he is a PE, but it might be embarrassing if you address him as that, and he is not. so i guess my "engineering" recommendation, is to leave the title out. i don't think it would offend him . :)

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I would leave it out too. There are "engineers" who go their whole careers without bothering to become PEs, and you definitely wouldn't want to get it wrong. It's also a title that is used a lot less frequently than Dr (most engineers I've met go by Mr. or Dr. when it applies). Destination weddings also tend to have less strict rules about this sort of etiquette, so I say don't worry about it!

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