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Bringing Flowers Home?

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I was just wondering if anyone knows if you are allowed to bring your flowers home as a keep sake, or if that is not allowed.


It may depend on country too, so has any Canadian brought home their flowers, and did you have any problems?

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I was able to bring home my friend's bouquet following her wedding in Mexico. While she went off on her honeymoon, I was able to get the flowers through customs at JFK in New York without any problems. I think the main thing customs are looking for is if you bring anything into the country that can affect crops such as animals or plants. I don't think you should have any issues.

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i think it depends on where you are going. i am not sure for canada, but i have been told that you cannot bring live flowers from jamaica. that was part of my reason for getting artificial ones.

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It will depend on the individual customs agent if you can bring them back in. You are not supposed to be able to bring live flowers/plants back. I didn't want to chance it so I went with real-touch artificial flowers.


How well they hold up will also depend on a number of things

*What type of flower are they and how hearty? Roses will last longer than lilies

*How long from the wedding day until you return?

*Will you have a place to store your flowers - fridge in the room, etc?

*How long will you be traveling - number & length of layovers, etc?


I had a friend bring her bouquet home from Florida and by the time she got home she had to end up throwing it away, nothing could be saved.

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