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My Marriage is Over!!!

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#31 Mrs D To Be!

Mrs D To Be!
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    Posted 15 February 2009 - 07:35 AM

    I'm really sorry to hear about this. It has taken alot of courage for you to do this, especially so soon after your wedding. But you have to do what is right for you and your kids...doesn't matter if you have been married 2 months or 2 years...if it's not working there is no point trying.

    We are all here for you lady, and i'm sending big hugs your way right now.

    #32 LisaB

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      Posted 15 February 2009 - 09:49 AM

      I am so so sorry you and you daughters have to go through this... It doesn't seem fair that people can be so selfish...Hanging in there... We are all here for you!!!! You are Doing a great job and koodos to you for doing what was and is in the best interest of you and you children... that was a hard choice...
      big hugs!!!

      #33 ACDCDCAC

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      Posted 15 February 2009 - 10:03 AM

      erica, how ya doin today?

      #34 luvtoteachlaw

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        Posted 15 February 2009 - 02:47 PM

        I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I, too, can understand the pain of loving someone with a life-threatening addiction. My ex was an alcoholic (at least a bottle of vodka a day plus beer) and had the additional complication of bipolar disorder. It truly is hell living in a situation with someone like that; I did not have kids involved, so I can only imagine how much worse it must be. My saga ended with me filing to involuntarily commit him to a psychiatric facility after he went off his bipolar meds and started drinking heavily again post-rehab. He was suicidal and there was nothing else I could do by call the local crisis intervention unit.

        You are a very strong woman, but do make sure that you take time to heal yourself. I went to Alanon and some personal counseling after I left him because of the emotional damage that this relationship had caused. I got better and now it is hard to even imagine that I lived is such a draining situation for so long.

        Good luck to you.

        #35 SunBride

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          Posted 15 February 2009 - 03:24 PM

          so sorry for you. Congratulations though for making the right decision. You are a very courageous person.

          #36 Tutty

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            Posted 15 February 2009 - 04:14 PM

            My prays are with you and your children.

            #37 starchild



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              Posted 15 February 2009 - 05:21 PM

              Good for you for making the tough choice! I'm so sorry for everything you are going through. Time heals a lot, hang in there :)

              #38 starchild



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                Posted 15 February 2009 - 05:21 PM

                Good for you for making the tough choice! I'm so sorry for everything you are going through. Time heals a lot, hang in there :)

                #39 YoursTruly

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                  Posted 16 February 2009 - 01:19 PM

                  WOW I am stunned and heartbroken for you! May God grant you the strength in the days ahead to deal with such a difficult, emotionally draining circumstance. Please know that we are here for you and never doubt that you are making the right choice for the little ones. I hope that hubby finds his way to whatever intervention he needs to really wake up and get it together. God Bless and sending many hugs your way--will keep you and the family in prayer.

                  #40 Alyssa

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                    Posted 16 February 2009 - 01:43 PM

                    Originally Posted by EricaG
                    Well, I figured that I would let you all know that my marriage is over since you all saw me through the planning leading up to our big day. Over the years he has struggled with a drinking problem and was given the option of having a life with me or a life with alcohol. He chose me and was doing fairly well. There were a few bumps along the way, but we dealt with them and made it through. Well, he has chosen the alcohol over me for the last time and after I told him we were done, he ended up going out drinking again and this time he had the kids with him, so he was driving with them!!! Things starting getting pretty bad and home, and in the end, after I walked up to the hospital for my night shift, I called the RCMP and had him arrested! My kids are at my parents place and I will probably be staying there for awhile.
                    Erica, I didn't read everyone else's responses so forgive me if I am being repetitive.

                    I am so sorry this has happened to you and your kids . It sounds like you are making the right decision for you and your family and I applaud your strength and courage.

                    As for your ex-DH - just remember that no one can get sober for someone else - no matter how much they love them or want to. for your kids sake i would encourage him to get sober for himself so he can be some sort of father and hopefully a good role model down the line. addiction is so scary and tragic but unfortunately it is such a personal battle.

                    as for you - your kids are lucky to have someone with such a good head on her shoulders - if you need anything we are all here for you! Alyssa

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