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Married ROR: January 14th!!!

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I was married January 14th at ROR. We were there from the 10th to the 24th. Sorry I have been slow to post my review; I started a 2nd job so it has been busy.

We flew from Toronto with Skyservice. Flight was fine. Not too much leg room; but then again it is a charter. We did have to pay as we were over in weight with all of our bags. Mind you I knew we would have to; as I brought my own flowers (angel accents), mugs, and OOT items. We had a total of 43 people with us. Bus ride to ROR was good; didn't seem that long (1hour 30min). We stopped for beer on the way.

When we arrived there was along line for check in; but it went quick. The person at the front desk said our room was ready. We had already booked an oceanview suite-as we knew getting an upgrade was not very likely and we were there for 2 weeks. One week with the group and for our wedding, the 2nd week by our selves for the honeymoon. Our room was beautiful. Almost like a little apartment. Our balcony was huge with an awesome view.

We had a "welcome night" on sunday at St.Ann's. It happenened to be seafood night, and they had amazing lobster. Everyone loved it. We gave out our OOT bags at this time.


We met with chandlyn on monday. I had arranged an appt with her before I left canada. I would suggest this as I have heard that she can be hard to track down. We picked white chairs instead of the brown, a white tulle to walk on,gave her my cake topper and our own vows, appetizers,choose the steel drum band, dj and seagrape beach party. I also gave her on paper how I wanted the tables set up at mammee bay for the reception. She gave us a mug with a bottle of cream rum. She is very nice and professional. Total we spent was $2500 US.


I had been sick with a nasty cold since we got to the resort; but I woke up the morning of the wedding with no symptoms and feeling great!!

I went to get my hair done at 8:30. The wedding wasn't until 11am; and the hairdresser was worried my hair would be flat by then; since I wanted to wear it down. She curled it and put it in pins then came to my room at a later time (around 10) to take the pins out. It worked out amazing! Chandlyn came to get us around 11. The ceremony was great-it was at the beach gazebo! The minister-sheldon read our vows perfectly and also made funny comments during the ceremony; which everyone laughed at. I would suggest telling chandlyn to make sure he has a microphone so that if you have alot of guests they can actually hear the ceremony.I'm so glad that I did. I saw some other ceremonies where there was no microphone. We had appetizers and champagne after and listened to the steel drum band. We also had pictures. I brought my own photographer and she went up to our room; on the balcony(which happened to overlook the beach gazebo) to take our group photo! SHe had mapped out the resort previously and knew where she wanted to take the photos. My FI and I went with the wedding party to do pictures and then just us alone for pictures. By then end of this it was around 4:30; we went to our room to relax for an hour or so then we went to Mammee Bay at 6:30 for dinner. We had our speeches there; it was a little hard to hear; but not too bad.We also did our cake cutting there. I knew ahead of time that the dj at the seagrape bar was being paid from 8:30-11:30 so I knew we would have to hussle after dinner. I had my photographer and her assistant "Herd" people down to the beach after dinner. We got there probrably around 8:45. The dj started playing music. I'm so glad we brought our own CD"S. Most of the music we danced to that night was from our own cd's. I have never had so much fun in my life! It was a blast dancing in the sand. We had out first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, garter toss, bouquet toss there and the dj did an awesome job calling out for these people during specified times. At 11:30 everyone was still partying so my friend paid for an extra hour for the dj.

Overall our wedding day was relaxed, fun and full of love. It was everything that i could have asked for. I had learned of alot of tricks from this site; therefore it went smoothly because of the info. that I knew. We did a TTD session 2 days after as well; I have not seen all the pics yet; but it was so much fun. ALso i'm so glad we got married at 11am. I thought this would be too early but the day worked out really well with getting married at this time. If you have an early time; don't worry-by the time you mingle with your guests and get pictures done it's time for dinner!!

The food is excellent. The japaneese and St. John's is excellent. The workers and servers are always happy and will do anything for you. I never had one rude person.

Everyone in my group had excellent things to say about the resort.

My FI and I waited to do exersions the 2nd week by ourselves as we wanted to visit with everyone the 1st week. We went to dunn's river, swimming with the dolphins, shopping in Ocho Rios, jet skiing and had couples massages at the spa. I also had a manicure at the spa as well.

I should also add that my FI and I are very relaxed and laid back; which may have an influence on my review. Make your wedding day what you want it to be; don't let little things get to you as it is a celebration of your love for one another. Also, i'm so glad we stayed at ROR for our 2nd week. Initally when booking, we had thought about changing to a sandals but in the end i'm glad we didnt.

Our flight back to Canada was delayed by 5 hours-which wasn't the greatest but what are you going to do?


I'm sure I saw some of the other girls on this site get married as well; as I liked to watch them from my balcony. It made me re-live my wedding day!!


I don't have all my pictures, but if you look on my photographers blog site:

©lanie Driedger Photography

and scroll down a bit to the title: destinations: jamaica (sneak peak) there is 1 from the wedding and 1 from the TTD

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wow great review..Im glad you had a great time! Congrats Mrs.


What wedding package did you decide to go with? Did you buy anything on top of the package? Also how was the weather in the morning?

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Congratulations! Great review. Sounds like you had a super time. Going in with the "no problem" attitude is key for making your day wonderful.

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Originally Posted by kris View Post
wow great review..Im glad you had a great time! Congrats Mrs.

What wedding package did you decide to go with? Did you buy anything on top of the package? Also how was the weather in the morning?
We went with the free package.
We paid for the white runner, white chairs, appetizers, steel drum band, dj and seagrape bar. The weather was great! It was a little cloudy but sunny. My photographer said that it's better for pics if there are some clouds. I heard that it has rained alot in ocho rios lately. When I was there it ony rained 1 day out of 14. So I guess we were lucky..

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