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We kinda met at school...

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I was a student at Anna Maria College in Massachusetts, he was one of the maintenance guys. We saw each other around campus, but nothing ever came of it. My friends and I actually referred to him as 'the hot guy' because we didn't have anything else to look at on campus. I think that's funny now, because he used to have dreadlocks, which really wasn't my thing.

Flash forward to my junior year, I started working at a restaurant near the campus. I found out that one of the women I worked with was a very close friend of his, and accidentally mentioned the whole 'hot guy' thing. She decided to play matchmaker, and a couple months later, we started dating. He left the school not long after to work for the state.

We started living together after about two years. Around July, 08, I set a wedding date and told him if he wouldn't be ready for a wedding then, he needed to tell me. It took until December before he really showed me he was serious.

It was a very snowy Friday, so he got home really late. He called me outside saying that he had hit my car coming into the driveway. When I got outside, he threw snow in my face, and then got down on one knee. Since then we've barely begun our planning, just have some basics laid down. It's just always fun to share the story.

That turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be.popcorn.gif

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