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a place you MUST eat in Playa Del Carmen

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Originally Posted by www.storybyphoto.com View Post
Simply the best food EVER. If you find the Wal Mart you are only 3 blocks north of it. Its called El Fagon.

AWESOME. Make sure to try the Taco Loco

vid sample
YouTube - Proper Mexican Meal
That is for locals but lot of tourists love it.... just drink bottled beverages and avoid to eat there on your first 2 days in the area because you can have the "Moctezuma revenge" (diarrea) because of the spices. ok?

Other good suggestion will be to eat at the MOLUSKO which is a sea food tiny restaurant between 5th. avenue and 30th. Is not expensive and the food is delicious!

Good Luck!

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Thanks Mora for the heads up! I did volunteer work in Mexico when I was a university student so I'm fully acquainted with Moctezuma revenge LOL but my mom sooo dearly wants to try authentic Mexican dishes. Thanks for the recommendations!

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