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Slideshow from Las Caletas, PV, Mexico

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I got married on January 11th at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta. I haven't written a review yet but just wanted to share a slideshow that our AMAZING photographers sent us.




username: alef

password: sellers


bobbi+mike - our photographers were SOOOO fun to work with...and the slideshow only shows the day of the wedding. They also did engagement shots (2 days before the wedding :) , our welcome dinner, and a TTD the morning after. Once I get some of those I'll post them here...


LOVED Caletas (thank you Nicole - our wedding coordinator!!!!!!!), LOVED our photographers...we had a blast. Enjoy!



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I never get tired of watching the Las Caletas slideshows! I will probably go home and watch it again wink.gif


congrats, everything looked great...your photog did such a great job of getting all the details in of the day!

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Originally Posted by Leigh_bc View Post
Wow looks like a great day. Mine won't be as lavish as we're having the basic barefoot package. I'm also staying at Villa Del Palmar, how did you find that?
Hey Leigh,

Villa Del Palmar was a lot of fun! We were worried about it because of the reviews we had seen online but it was great for our guests - really cheap, food was pretty, and we were all together. I had a room on the ground floor next to the pool and would walk outside to see all our friends and family, each laying out by the pool with margarita or yummy looking drink in hand! Everyone was happy.

The only problem that we had was a fair amount of people didn't get a room with a good view...and they were bummed. Sometimes they got moved and sometimes people just had to enjoy more time outside near the pool!

Have fun there...let me know if you have any other questions about it!

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