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Originally Posted by yoAzul View Post
Last week i was addicted to Salt Water Taffy - we had a bag in our office, it was bad news!

Tomorrow for our legal day we are getting sprinkles cupcakes! w00t
Congrats on your legal day!!!

Im addicted to apples and light carmel dip MMMmmmmm...My favorite addiction is Sharp cheddar cheese, but Ive been doing good staying away from it!

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My latest addiction food is salt & vinegar chips! I love the TANG! Mmmm...I try not to eat them too much though, lol.

I'm also now addicted to skinny cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks! Only 90 calories! I have one at least 2 times a week...

I'm also addicted to Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea & Mango...

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