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Riu Santa Fe Brides, Post Here!

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Former Brides! Did you have a wedding rehearsal? Who organized it? Was the minister there? how long did it take and what did you do afterwards? Thanks!

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Hey guys - sorry I am so slow! I promise to get the review up asap - I just have so much on my plate right now. sad.gif

Hair - I had my MOH do it for me - she is amazing. I don't really think the salon hairdresser speaks english very well... so the bride that I saw did not end up with what she wanted. If you are looking for a basic updo - she is great, but anything more than that, I don't think they are really set up for that.


Rehearsal - we did a quick run through on the second morning we were there... kind of a joke really. We didn't meet the minister, but I am sure if you asked, you could. We were just told to have the guys meet at a certain place at 5:30 and the girls at 6:00 and we kind of just wung-it. It all worked out wonderfully and you'd never know that none of us had any idea what we were doing.


I ended up walking down the aisle way too fast, and my song barely played... but it wasn't a big deal.


It was all over in about 12 minutes and we took photos for about an hour, then we ate, drank and were married! lol




Review is coming, I swear!

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wowsa...i am leaving in 2.5 weeks for my wedding...feel like i have so much to do, but really dont..I dont even know what dress i am wearing yet ^&%$!!! ( i am a 2 dress bride)

i want to organize a lil rehearsal. DOnt expect the minister to be there but at least everyone will have an idea where to walk, when, etc.

Because we are already "secretly" married, i wanted to know if erika had a write out of what the minister says. She said we would just go over that when i got there.


Question: Since we are having a sand ceremony, will the minister read what we give him? I think I heard before he kinda said what he wanted.


My dilema right now is trying to figure out how to get my centrepieces there without breaking!! ( lil fish bowls) lotsa bubblewrap i spose!

And trying to figure out how to spruce up the ceremony a little bit. We arent renting a chuppa or anything, just using theirs, but i am bringing lotsa tulle, and fake flowers to try something , my own chair sashes....


Oh AND ANOTHER question....Do you think its better to have your ceremony music on cd or ipod? Or perhaps both? I just dont want them screwing up the song order so wondering what everyone thinks would be the easiest NOT to screw up!!



Ohhh and i thought of another question...I notice the ceremony set up is pretty close to the edge of the infinity pool....ive seen pics with it REALLY close and ive seen pics with it kinda further...wondering if its possible to request it to be as far away as possible from the edge of the pools.....hmmm...anyone??


Ok i think i am done...for now. :)

I cant wait to put up my review for u gals...!

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I brought both for the music, but they used the cd and messed up my music. But I didnt stress...


Email Erika for the vows and sand ceremony. I used to have it. She sent it to me.


As far as your fish bowls, i would do bubble wrap and put it in the center of your suitecase and use your clothes for padding.


Im sure if you asked Erika to put the ceremony a little far out she will. I think it depends on how many chairs are needed.


Good luck! You will enjoy every minute. I did....

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