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HI Everyone!


So, I think I just ran into a lifesaver...this info that y'all are exchanging here is excellent! Looking forward to helping out when I can.


p.s. my pic maybe wackdified-ly upside down. sorry! don't know how to fix that..

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Welcome! Beware, this is addicting! Where are you thinking of getting married?

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I'm kind of drowning looking at all the different locations...I think I need a floatie w/ a margarita!


I went to a wedding in Playa del Carmen (Iberostar paraiso) in November and enjoyed the experience. Seems like AI is a good option for guests and gives them a lot of things to do.


So, my question is, what are some comparable resorts / experiences in PV..?


So far I'm looking at Melia PV, Samba Vallarta and Grand Velas -


Would you recommend going w/ a wedding coordinator thru a resort or one that's outside (does that get expensive getting one from outside?)


A wedding in cape cod...that's a pretty great location too..looked into that myself, but not really from Boston (from Texas), so wanted something that felt more like home.


Thanks y'all!

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