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Chicago engagement story

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My fiancee and I have been engaged for a while now (about a year and half) so it's been a while since I've thought about our engagement. With a trip back to Chicago coming up this weekend, I've an excuse to bring it up and relive it a bit!


He was working near Chicago at the time and I went down to meet up with him for the weekend and celebrate his birthday. I arrived at the fancy hotel we were going to be staying at before he did and he had arranged for me to have a massage at the spa in the hotel. When he arrived, we went to the hotel lounge/restaurant for a Mediterrean dinner then headed back to the room. When we got back, there were flowers and champagne waiting. Since it was his birthday, I figured he decided that's how he wanted to celebrate, not thinking that it had anything to do with me! I gave him his gifts then he got down on one knee and proposed! It was a huge surprise - what better cover than your own birthday! Clearly, I got the better gift that year =) Since this happened on the Friday night, we had the rest of the weekend to just enjoy our new status. We even waited until Sunday to make calls to family and friends so we could enjoy the moment just the two of us. What a great weekend!


This coming weekend (Valentine's!) we are meeting up in Chicago again and spending a night at the same hotel. How perfect is that! Life moves so fast - I think it will be a great chance to reflect on all our years together =)


Happy Valentines Day to everyone celebrating with a loved one!

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