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I have officially became of member of the Club of Brides w/ more than 1 dress! *pics*

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Originally Posted by KJT1985 View Post
Four days ago I laughed at this post. Now I'm part of it. I found a couple deals on ebay I just couldn't pass up. Both of these dresses retail for over $800 EACH and I got them both for just $533. They're sample dresses but who cares?!

THE dresses pictures by Beaujo85 - Photobucket

PS- isn't me in the pictures, the dresses will arrive Monday

Awesome deals!!! I LOVE the back of the first one and the Second one is gorgeous! I can't wait to see pics of you in the dresses!

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For those of you who bought your dresses online - did you try the dress on (or one similar) at home before you ordered it? I am definitely a visual person and need to see it on me first. I really like this idea and I'm glad there are so many good reviews of online dresses!

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