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Anyone use Dreams Wedding Pkg Exclusively?!

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We are in the process of debating between the Love and Ultiamte package. We are sticking with the majority of the package - but after we learned that the photographer that comes with the package ONLY covers 1 hours of the wedding ceremony - we now had to re-adjust our budget to conver addition photographer time.


The only other thing we are getting is the bridal boquet customized to be all cala lilies... but our WC, Yarai, has helped me with this.


For a difference of $750USD... i'm really not sure which way we are going to go - but it mught depend on how many guest we are getting above the 20 as well...


Hope this helps...


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Great question. I am still waiting for all of the package info. That's awesome that Mango is part of the Dreams package. I really like his work. Just have to run it by the FI tonight! ...and get the package options from Yessica... :)

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