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Philly/South Jerz Get-Together, April *POLL ADDED*

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Deptford would be awesome (if its close enough for everyone). There's adelphia's which would probably be really good spot for a happy hour place, than there's places like Chili's and Don Pablo's too. And Cherry Hill has a lot of places. Maggiano's near the mall just opened, there's a Cheesecake Factory out there, a PJ Whelihan's, & Bahama Breeze.


I'm awful at driving around the city (and i mean awful!!! lol). If you guys pick a place in the city than can we get one near a parking garage or lot. I know i know where chickie n pete's is (the one near the stadiums).


I could probably make it to KOP.


I think we'll need to start a new thread with a poll to help narrow down a location and date.

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I was going to Suggest Chickies too (Chickie & Pete's) .

I think I poll might be good..We can narrow the places choices down and Vote.

And then we need to pick a day.

I know, myself, like alot of the other May/June brides have tons going on with Just Wedding stuff alone and then between communions, confirmations, my neices b-day parties, my cousins engagement party, Easter, & My Shower (Which I am pretty sure is April 5th ..lol) I am going to have to work it out so I can attend! :-) But I will definitely attend :-) I think It will be a nice time and definitely worth it

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I am also from the area! I was wondering if anyone is looking for a "gym buddy?" I know that no one is more motivated to lose weight than a bride to be, and I can never drag myself to the gym unless I have someone else to go with. I moved here from the Jersey shore area, and don't really have any friends close enough to go with me. I am already a member at Retro Fitness (only $20 for membership), so if any of you are too, and want a gym buddy, let me know!

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Hey Ladies!


I would definately be interested in meeting up. I would be most interested in KoP or something in the city...I'm out in West Chester!

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Originally Posted by PhillyBride09 View Post
Hi girls!! I just found this thread!! I am in..However..Is this just for girls or are FI's invited? i ask this because, If it's just us Ladies then KOP wouldn't work for me as I am a city girl who doesn't drive..LOL
But Jersey would work because FI can go to his moms or friends or whatever and drop me off...And of course the city would work.
Here are the places I have thought of..feel free to add any...

In Jersey we have:
The Coastline

In Philly:
Rock Lobster (Del Ave)
Cavannaughs (Del Ave)
Copa (South Street)

I'm sure there are TONS more...but these are some places that popped in my head :-)
hey girls!! i could be in depending on the date / place.
also as an FYI Rock Lobster closed down 2 years ago (LOL!)

Originally Posted by Jamaica0619 View Post
I am good coming to Chickies for the get together.

I don't know how to set up a poll...anyone up to setting up a poll?
I can add a poll to this thread if you all tell me what you want on it - dates? places?

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I'd be game for Chickies. Never been to the Philly one, but they put one down here by me and I've been there before!!


South Philly I can get to!


I know for a fact my May is totally booked! Godson's communion in upstate NY the weekend before the wedding, FI's bday the week before the wedding, the wedding, AHR, family coming in from over seas. I told our scheduler just not to schedule me the month of May lol!


I think I can pencil some time in April though!!

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