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I need your opinions!

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#1 ddiinnyyeell

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    Posted 06 February 2009 - 04:46 PM

    Ok here's the thing...

    I've seen pictures of brides in their dresses in the water and I think they're such beautiful pictures. I really want to do those pictures but I wanted your opinions.

    Should I buy a second dress (something cheaper that I don't mind ruining) to change into and wear into the water?


    Should I just suck it up and go in my dress? I won't ever be wearing the dress again and I think it would flow better with the pictures if I wear the same dress in all of them.

    Any opinions are greatly appreciated!
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    October 30, 2009

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    #2 missdanelle

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      Posted 06 February 2009 - 04:51 PM

      Those pictures are called TTD (trash the dress) Arent they great! I definately plan on doing one as well!
      If you dont mind wearing your real dress then you should wear that one.. your right about the never wearing it again thing but maybe you want to save it or hand it down to someone? Whatever you decide im sure it will be perfect!

      #3 ddiinnyyeell

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        Posted 06 February 2009 - 04:52 PM

        There's so much wedding lingo to learn!! haha :)

        I just know my mother will have a heart attack seeing pictures of my dress in the water! ha!
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        October 30, 2009

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        #4 montegobay09

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          Posted 06 February 2009 - 05:34 PM

          I say go with the one dress and wear it in the water. Like you said...you're never going to wear it again!! Enjoy it!! It'll be exhilarating (sp?)

          #5 Sapphire723

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            Posted 06 February 2009 - 05:39 PM

            Haha, yeah, the lingo is a bit much at the beginning. TTDs are very common on here, because so many brides are in such a beautiful setting. If you search around, you can see some beautiful pictures from them. The below photog has some that I like:

            StillMotionBlog.com trash the dress

            As far as wearing your dress -- I'm planning on wearing mine! But if your budget can afford a second dress, it's always fun to get to pick out another one.

            #6 meli122

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              Posted 06 February 2009 - 05:44 PM

              Go for it! TTD!

              #7 punkie569

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                Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:37 PM

                I wanna have a heart attack everytime I see all those beautiful dresses in the water. I get the idea and the pictures do turn out wonderful but I don't think I could ruin my wedding dress. I'm also cheap so my first thoughts are "how much did that cost and why are you ruining it?". So if I was going to do this I personally would buy a cheaper dress for your TTD pics. However if your wedding dress wasn't that expensive to begin with you might be ok with using it. I think this is really a personal choice on what you would feel most comfortable with.
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                #8 kiki317

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                  Posted 06 February 2009 - 06:51 PM

                  I am having the same problem- I really really want at least of couple shots fo us at least splashing a little bit in the water ( i mean why the hell not right?) but I actually AM wearing my dress again at our AHR a couple months after we get back. Will the salt water really ruin the dress? probably not right?
                  Man- so many decisions!!!

                  #9 egsarah

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                    Posted 06 February 2009 - 07:00 PM

                    I am definitely planning on doing a TTD session. I've decided to just use my one dress. Like you said I'm not planning on wearing it again. Plus...depending on the fabric of your dress you could still get it cleaned. You'd be suprised what dry cleaners can do these days!

                    #10 Lesley2009

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                      Posted 06 February 2009 - 07:01 PM

                      Personally, I don't feel the need to trash my dress when i get hitched in Hawaii, but i do like the pics of the girls who do. I say if you really like the pics, the pics are what you are really going to have forever, the dress will be put in the back of you closet for years and years and your future daughter will want her own style gown anyway! You'll have tons of pics of your dress dry anyway. I say TTD! Plus, it gives you an excuse to purchase/wear a more comfy, summery, party dress later. :)
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