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Commitment Ceremony in Riveria Maya?

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My fiancee and I are looking to host a DW in the Riveria Maya in an AI. I have started this search 4 months ago and have hit many barriers.


We have been turned away by many of the AI because they don't go gay weddings. The only places we have found that do them are clothing optional places and that is NOT our style at all.


We want a very traditional wedding for us. We have many friends and family who will be traveling for our ceremony.


I know this forum is mostly geared for the heterosexual wedding, but I thought I would see if anytone has encountered options we have not seen.


Thanks in advance for any help.

E. Mae

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Hi, it's been a few years from this post but I was wondering if the OP was still around and how your ceremony worked out? or if anyone else has any other ideas for places to hold commitment ceremonies?

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