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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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#4191 rawalter

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    Posted 23 December 2011 - 11:29 PM

    Jasmines just sent me pics of my dress after they finished sewing it. I love it ! There are pics in my profile. It won't let me pit them in the post. The only thing I am having them correct is to tack down some of the ruching better.

    #4192 belledame

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      Posted 23 December 2011 - 11:42 PM

      Your dress is gorgeous!!

      Originally Posted by Lindy S 

      My Shades of Pale Allure c166 replica has arrived! I just received my dress today! Overall I am very, very happy with it and it is very close to the original! I had some changes made to the original design. I had the one shoulder changed to a strapless sweetheart and I added two different interchangable sashes. One is a crystal sash and one is a satin sash with flowers and crystals. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the floral sash. Let me know your thoughts. I had the dress made into a corset back instead of buttons (due to my large rib cage...lol). I wasn't able to tighten the corset up like it needs to be in order to have the dress fit me like a glove. I know it will look much better once I'm cinched into it! I just didn't have anyone here to help me besides my fiance...I had to lock the doors so he wouldn't sneak a peek!








      #4193 lavenderlux

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        Posted 25 December 2011 - 08:29 PM

        Hi everyone, I've read all 400+ pages and see many brides have ordered from Babyonline from DHgate and one bride ordered a red reception dress from factory-sale.  Has anyone else noticed that there may be an affiliation between: Babyonline, Factory-sale, Beautydesign and Allanhu? If you scroll to the mid part of the page under the dress images, it references these other sellers.




        My friend purchased 4 wedding and reception dresses from factory-sale this past summer and I've seen them in person and they look very well made. Given so many brides on BDW have purchased from babyonline and most have resulted in positive reactions from the respective brides, I wonder if these sellers are the same?  Many sellers on eBay use a couple of names but their listings are near identical.  However on dhgate these sellers' listings are a bit different. Just find it interesting they reference other sellers in their listings.



        #4194 mrlddst

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          Posted 26 December 2011 - 07:59 AM

          I ordered from Allanhu and I thought that they were affiliated with baby online too. Anyway service was just as good.

          Its done.....you can read my planning journal or the review...long over due.


          #4195 Minx

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            Posted 26 December 2011 - 12:47 PM

            Hello lovely ladies,


            I am getting married next year April and am looking for a dress. I have done some research and reading different reviews so thank you for this thread! I have contacted a few companies for a design of my dress. It is the simple mermaid ruching dress from Pnina Tornai. It has crystals at the sweetheart neckline but I'm not a bling girl especially I'm not too sure how a knock off bling would look =) so I asked for no jewels at the bodice.


            This is my presales review so far...


            1. I've contacted Milly's Bridal, Dressilyme, Dousheng and Jasmine's Bridal, Jeff Liu for my dress, oh and one on ebay by the name of Zimo.


            2. I've heard Milly's is a hit and miss but they were willing to do my dress but I wasn't too sure about them, so with some doubt, I scratched them out of my list.


            3. I talked to Dousheng, I wanted their top quality which they say is about 500.00 which is probably pricey for a knock-off but a heck of a bargain compared to the original. But, I have been asking them about different materials and fabric they have. I'm just not sure if their 500 top quality is really any different to their other quality? The last question I asked them was if their satin fabric is silk or polyester.  They mentioned that I should keep the swaroski crystals because "clearly the appliques and beadings can hide the hemming-stitch." When I heard that, I responded right away that if they were top quality and can customize any dress, I shouldn't have to expect any type of hemming stitch or they shouldn't have to hide any of it. :-?


            4. I really wanted dressilyme, but they were not able to do my dress, which I respect their honesty for. =) They cant make the dress because I cannot find the details of the back of the dress anywhere and looks like they dont want to improvise from what they have from the pictures.


            5. Jeff Liu communicated well but way too eager to want to do my dress without a problem and without asking me about the dress or about the back of the dress or any ideas.


            6. Jasmines Bridal, now I am quite disappointed with them. I've been contacted them back and forth and everytime they were willing to make me the dress for 300.00 premium quality. My last email I asked them about fabric as I do any company. I told them I am very picky, my dress is simple (I think haha) I'm not asking for sequins, nor beadings or even the complicated organza. I just want the ruching to be tight and to stand out. Then the last email they sent, they wrote that my dress is out of their capabilities and to try milly's or landy. I emailed them back and asked what changed their mind?


            7. Zimo, I really like, I saw some dresses made by him that seems to be well made. He is asking for 282.00 and I may go with him. He asks questions and emails me back quickly.


            I do have a question for everyone, the satin fabric, is it polyester satin or acetate satin? Because the acetate satin is very fake and plastic looking. How about polyester satin? Is it soft?


            Sorry for the long post! =) Hope everyone can help. Thank you! =)


            #4196 atalanta

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              Posted 26 December 2011 - 09:43 PM



              Beautiful dress! Unique! Fabulous! I can't wait to see how it turns out. In the meantime, while I was browsing on Milly's Bridal, where I have chosen to have my dress made, I saw the following dress that reminded me of your post.  I don't mean to add another vendor into the mix, especially since you are already a little confused about which vendor to select, but thought you might like to see a dress someone made that is a little closer to your design.




              Here is other work they have with black applique



              Hope this helps.

              Originally Posted by Cazzmatazz 

              Hey All -


              First I want to say this thread has been a godsend for me. To make a long story short, I found the dress I loved, which is a Sophia Tolli (attached), but of course it's out of my budget. Frankly, lots of dresses are because I just can't see spending a grand on something I will wear once. I would much rather put that towards other important things at our wedding. Like booze and food.


              Based on everyone's experiences, I have emailed gianinar, duosheng, jasmine, shades of pale and kaersan with a photo of the dress.


              Kaesarn and Jasmine flat out told me they couldn't do the dress. They said it was too complicated and they do not have the proper light black lace. I really appreciated that honesty and professionalism. For that alone, I would recommend them.

              Gianinar wasn't specific - just said yes they can do it, and gave me their cheap price of 200. That didn't sit too well with me.


              Shades of Pale gave me three price points - highest accuracy, high accuracy and good accuracy. Then the price also depends on Chinese Fabrics VS. imported fabrics from Japan and Europe. I asked for the high accuracy, imported fabric quote and am waiting to hear back.


              Duosheng I've have the most contact with. They acknowledged the issue with the lighter black lace, and she offered several ways to solve it. She said "In fact,we will make this dress for the embroidery is dark and for the darker part will add more beading ,so it will be  darker than other part,so on the dress there will be one lighter and one darker,is that ok?" I am not a dressmaker so honestly I don't know what's best, but I defer to them. They, too, gave me different price points - standard quality and high quality.


              At this point I'm wrestling between Duosheng and Shades of Pale. My head is swimming with this thread, so forgive me if I don't remember all 400+ posts :).


              Thoughts, anyone?





              #4197 Mrs Mel

              Mrs Mel
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                Posted 27 December 2011 - 09:06 PM

                Here are another lot of black/white dresses done by Milly Bridal:





                Originally Posted by atalanta View Post



                Beautiful dress! Unique! Fabulous! I can't wait to see how it turns out. In the meantime, while I was browsing on Milly's Bridal, where I have chosen to have my dress made, I saw the following dress that reminded me of your post.  I don't mean to add another vendor into the mix, especially since you are already a little confused about which vendor to select, but thought you might like to see a dress someone made that is a little closer to your design.




                Here is other work they have with black applique



                Hope this helps.



                #4198 lavenderlux

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                  Posted 27 December 2011 - 10:20 PM

                  Beautiful dress rawalter! Can you kindly remind us which design this dress is and who the seller is?  :)

                  Originally Posted by rawalter 




                  #4199 bmilliken0730

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                    Posted 27 December 2011 - 10:47 PM

                    WOW- Lindy that looks great! I didn't relly car for the 1 strap flower on the origional, yours looks way better! I'm interested in the same info as the other ladies- how is the material and did you try on the origional before purchasing? It looks so beautiful!

                    #4200 lavenderlux

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                      Posted 28 December 2011 - 12:41 PM

                      Hey all, so I'm starting to narrow down my dress style and have had a fewchats via DHgate with various sellers already mentioned in this thread and thought it'd be helpful if I post this link with info on Public Holidays in China so you have an idea of windows of time where the dress makers may be closing up shop to celebrate festivities and such.




                      Note that even though the chart says a holiday si "1 day" or "3 day" realize that many workers who work in larger cities or metro areas travel back to their smaller home towns/villages and so dressmaker's holiday closure may be more than "1 day" Just something to keep in mind regarding timelines.  When it doubt, I would just ask the seller if there are any upcoming holidays and how long the shop/factory is closed.  Better to know than not know and be freaking out and worried.  I sure hope my dress buying experience goes well when I finally decide which style and seller to go with!

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