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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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I agree with the others - I'm much more drawn to the 2nd one. Which one do you like more?? And what look are you going for on your big day? 


The 1st one to me is more formal with all the bling. The 2nd one has more of a flow, and less formal (but no less beautiful!). 

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Hey guys,

I have been lurking here a while trying to read all the posts :)


I am going to be ordering my dress from Ava Bridal on Sunday, from their website, though they do have 2 shops on Ebay too with good ratings.


I did order some test jackets from them - one lace and the other satin and they both turned out well. Here's a copy of pics:


what we ordered:

ABmumsjacket.jpg   What we got: mumjacketfront.jpgmumsleeve.jpg



And the lace one, What we ordered:

ABmyjacket.jpg and what we got: jacketfront.jpgjacketback.jpg



Sorry for all the pics :)


Anyone got any "STOP don't order from them!!!" stories?? :) If not i'll be sure to post a review on them once my dress comes in...

My only concern for the jackets was it took 7 weeks from order to completion - which i know is ages but i have ages to the wedding so i am not too fussed on that as long as they do a good job. As you can see both my mum and myself are plus sized and they got our jackets perfect to our measurements so i just hope for the same with the dress :)


Thanks - and keep posting the pics guys i love seeing all the pretty replica dresses :)

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It came! It came! I am shocked that it came so fast.  The dress looks good, but I may have to have the zipper redone as its very hard to unzip it.  I had some trouble and the only person who is here is my fiance and I'm not ready for him to look at the dress. I will post pics as soon as I can get someone to help me get it on.

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Wow your dress is almost exactly like the original! Its definitely one of the best replicas on this whole board. I also ordered from Shades of Pale and am waiting for my pictures and was getting a little worried so I googled them just to make sure that they actually make the dresses their customers order and are not a total scam and I found your post and feel so much better now. Thanks so much.

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I ordered from Babyonline via DH Gate.


This was my inspiration picture but I asked them to make it with a jeweled sash instead and to make the neckline more sweetheart :

TTD Dress 2 Front.jpg




This is one of the pics they sent me :

DHGate 13.jpg



Don't freak when your dress arrives, it actually ships in a thrash bag, LOL!! Here's mine on arrival :




I ended up removing the sash and replacing it with one I ordered on Etsy instead,

Here's the dress on me the morning of our TTD (sorry no professional pics yet) :




When I get the pro pics I will post one or two.


In the mean time my advice would be :

- Get professional measurements

- Specify material

- Be VERY clear about any changes you need

- Do not expect the dress to be as good as the original

- Go for corset intead of zip up back, gives you that little extra on the measurements

- Insist on pictures on a mannequin before shipping


Good luck everyone!

Let me know if you have any questions I can answer.



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Ok, so this is the dress I picked from the site.




This is what they sent.




I still haven't had anybody try to zip me up.  I went back and tried to zip it up again but I'm really having trouble with it.  I think I'm going to take it to work and have someone help me there. 

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