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Girls, does anyone here live in Brazil? I really want to order my dress from one of the chinese vendors, but am worried about taxes and how long it takes to be delivered...

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Love the red dress!!  will this be your reception dress or all day dress?  I'm thinking of getting two dresses cause for our first dance we're gonna throw in a little fast cha cha cha and I was thinking of a getting a dress to compliment that style of dancing...




Originally Posted by misskim_red@msn.com View Post

So I can't believe it but they managed to get the dress to me today!  Just like they said I received it before Oct 20!  The dress is very heavy but it is so well made!  It looks almost identical to the picture.  I will take pics when I can.  It is a little tight around my thighs but I need to lose a few anyway.  The measurements are absolutely perfect and I could not have asked for any better.  They are pricing the dress at $200 and change now but It anyone wants ruffles or rosettes, totally, totally! recomend them!  I finally got a good dress!


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When it comes to replicas made in China, there is a lot that people do not know about on this board.  A few things to think about when you make the purchase is:

1. Reliability of the vendor to produce the dress for you on time - are they consistent with production time or do they tend to bite off more than what they can chew, which result in many delays?  Research the board for negative reviews on this should give you an indicator.

2. Quality & beauty are in the eyes of the beholder, and it is quite relative.  It depends on your standards.  An average dress can be rated awesome by an inexperienced bride, and a great dress can be rated okay by a very meticulous bride.  So, know yourself, how many dresses have you tried on before, and seen before?  How much do you know about fabrics and have you seen a lot of different fabrics & materials from different shops/factories.  If possible, order fabric swatches from different vendors and compare them.  Feel the fabric in your hands, how do they feel?  Which vendor's fabric is smoother and gives a better tone?

3. How accurate are the replications?  When you receive photos, we suggest for you to have the photo put into a "paint" or "drawing" program, and have the original dress (preferrably in the same angle and size), then compare the 2 dresses side by side.  An accurate replication takes a lot more time and skills than an inaccurate replication but the inaccurate replication can still be beautiful.  So you should ask yourself do you need an accurate replication or you just want a beautiful dress that looks like the original.

4. How fast do they make the dresses? For simple dresses, it is probably okay for a fast production, but for a truly great wedding dresses, it takes time to get all the details replicated accurately.  If a vendor makes complex dresses super fast, you should watch out for accuracy and details problems.  They are not necessarily bad, just be sure to compare and look for details not be missing.

There are a lot of other factors which makes a good vendor better than the average vendor, such as shipment packing, durability of the materials (which you cannot see with your naked eye), and their ability to understand complicated requests and achieve them accurately.

These are just our 2 cents from our daily experience serving customers and we know a bit about different bridal factories in China - we used to commission a few of them to make dresses for us.  We eventually decided to open our own couture workshop, because honestly, we were quite fed up with some of the problems and we needed to take quality into our own hands.  Not all of them are bad, there are definitely a few very good ones - according to the posts on this board.  So good luck, and we are always happy to share some insider tips on Chinese replicas :)

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I just thought I'd give testimonial as well: I ordered my dress and my bridesmaids dresses from inweddingdress.com and it worked out great.  I probably should have had the straps adjusted a bit, but I honestly forgot to do it before I left.  Please note that I am a 5'8" size 4 with and E cup and a swimmer's back; I am VERY difficult to fit and I think they did a great job considering they never saw my body in person!  I will also say this: if you're difficult to fit like I am and you're considering ordering your dress this way, I highly recommend having a corset back as opposed to a zipper.  This is the pic that I chose:



And here's what I got:



(and back):



Hip detail:



Neckline detail:







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