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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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Ok ive been keeping it quiet for sometime now! Since we are having an AHR, and although we are going to use our wedding attire for the first hour, I planned on changing into a reception dress afterward...Searched all through the threads wondering where to get my AHR dress and i found landybridal to be the most reliable for me! The dress got here today! I rushed over to the PO to pick it up and here are the pics!! Its perfect and fits like a glove!!! Please dont mind my grungy look lol, ive had a very long day but wanted to share these with you!



This dress is amazingly well-made and it looks great on you!

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Originally Posted by RaychelRae View Post
Chiffon Wedding Gown pictures by raychelrae_photos - Photobucket

Ok, here was my shot at getting a knock-off. I finally got it and it is a beautiful dress! It's even very well made! I just do not like how it looks on my body type. I ordered it thinking it could be a TTD if anything. Not a bad dress, just not for me. SOOOO if anyone likes it I have a post in the "Sell, Trade, Freebie" category with this on there
Hi, can you send me some pictures?
I might be interested in buying te dress from you.smile72.gif


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