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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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Dear blackkinu:


i think the only big problem with your dress is the hoop that can be seen under the dress. You should try to fix it locally because you won't have the time to have another one done by April! It may not be your dream dress (That's the risk of buying a knock off withtout even trying it!), but it's still a very nice one! I think you look lovely in it and that you will be a beautiful bride!

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Don't cry!  I'm sure a good seamstress in your area can help you make the changes you need to this dress.  I ordered the exact same one from babyonline and had the same issues with the bunching of fabric on my lower tummy (I swear it looked like it was for a baby belly lol) but a seamstress here was able to fix it for me and I loved my dress afterwards.  Mine also turned out a bit more trumpet than I wanted as well, I'm wondering if thats just how this dress is made?


I dont know if we are the same size, but I do plan to sell my dress after I have it cleaned (I took it into the ocean with me lol).  I do hope you are able to have your dress altered the way you like though!


Speaking of babyonline, I just read a lot of the more recent comments about their customer service and I'm a bit surprised!  They were super accommodating to me when I had my wedding dress made (I did ask for a lot of very specific things and was charged almost double though... little annoying but not a huge deal).  Also ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses through them and was very happy with the work.  When I decided at the last minute (3 weeks before leaving) that I wanted a reception dress, they even went out of their way to rush my order so that I would get it in time!  I dont know if the person that some of you have been speaking to recently is just not the same person I was lucky enough to deal with (I was chatting with Sunny) but my experience with them was fantastic.  Fingers crossed that their service returns back to excellent once their holiday is over and that you ladies get your dream dresses too :)

Originally Posted by blackkinu View Post

Ok so I am posting up some very personal problems with my dress to see if others can advise me on how to me beautiful on my big day. With the way everything is now I can't smile. I am near tears, yet I feel to ridiculous to cry.





So for me #1 is that the hoop can be seen under the dress.

#2 is that it is now a trumpet/mermaid dress instead of an fitted-Aline like I asked.

#3 I can barely pull it over the petticoat they provided.

#4 I specifically requested to not have sequin but its throughout plus beading. The beading is very nice.




You all seem very educated on how to request specifics for your dress. This is what I suggested but I haven't received a reply yet. Do you think I am correct or should I add more, rephase?





Its bunched in the front and back but I feel once my legs can breath that I will be able to pull it down.

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It's just a shame she never replied to my emails when I sent them, but judging by her work she and her team do it very professionally and using good fabrics and lace.   

Tailoring is not an easy job, it requires a lot of work and professionalism for a garment to look really good.  It's the details in the sewing and ironing after every step is very important so seams look flat and nice.    My mother used to tell me that so many people don't realize that and it's why garments look sloppy, even many professionals can be sloppy. 

It is so expensive in our countries because it's labour intensive even if you buy the fabric yourself on sale, it would be nice if there was a balance or being able to select your own fabrics.  I faced this issue when I contacted all the other companies asking about silks, and they refused to tell me if they can get any because they kept quoting the low prices and saying it would cost so much more, but it was my request, and if they're tailoring for me I should be able to choose the fabric I want, I know the prices here in Canada and was willing to buy them at that rate but was pretty sure that in China they would be at least the same or a bit cheaper anyway.   The message just never got across, and others refused to do it. 

I just want to say to all the others out there to make sure they select a pattern and understanding the fabrics that they will use in China to make the dress.  I would look closely at examples that they've done and see what fabrics are available and what would look the best according to their supplies and your taste.  Over complicated garments are not always guaranteed to work out. 

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Actually, this dress is chiffon.  Babyonline did a very good job on it - great quality.  But, I have decided that this is not the dress for me.  I saw a few other styles in the bridal store that I tried on and really do like a couple of them better than I like this one on me.  So, now I have to try and sell this one.  Maybe someone will want it for a TTD.


Originally Posted by imara11 View Post

Michelle, is your dress made of organza? I am ordering a dress from babyonline and am nervous about how the organza looks.



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Wow! Thank you so much Tiny Tuna. Really you helped me feel stronger as if there is still a possibility to get something I can use on my special day. I actually emailed Coral about 3 times but I haven't had a response. So because of time that sent me to Dressilyme because of my experience with them for my simple dress for home I thought maybe they could handle a nice recreation. I don't need a 100% duplicate but I want something feminine and use able. This dress I currently have makes me want to hide behind a curtain on my wedding day. I can't do that.  I am marrying a wonderful man and I have dreamed of this experience forever. I just wanted an inexpensive and custom option for myself. Because of his rave reviews I though Aprils bridal/Jeff liu could handle the style and quality. The quality is lacking as well as the style. I now don't' trust his remake options.


I have been back and forth with him about a refund and so far he isn't cooperating with my request. Supposedly its 100% after the first 7 days. I am unhappy with his style of business.


If Coral will mail me back soon then I will go with them. I just need something that will be beautiful. I love all your suggestions from coral. They aren't exact but are fabulous.

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blakkinu, we're going to try to help you as much as we can!!!    I don't understand why Coral is not available, I sent emails with pictures and they came back so my SO said it might be their national firewall?  

If you sent a text email and it went through I don't know why she didn't respond, she has things on ebay everywhere.   I'm not sure but if she has some ready made things for sale in your size and taste maybe you can bid on it?


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Originally Posted by Karen&Rene View Post

Ok ladies, for all of you waiting on your dresses from babyonline, here is some reassurance!  I received photos of my dress today and confirmation that it has been shipped.  I think it looks pretty close, with the exception of the three flowers instead of one.  They said the other flowers should be easy enough to remove, so we'll see.  I'll post more pictures and a review of my overall experience with them once I receive the dress.


My real dress                                                        dress from babyonline

P1020223 - Copy1.jpgChina dress.jpg


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