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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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MsSciFi, I can't wait to hear about your appointment! Please let me know how the dress was and what they wanted for it when you get a chance.

Originally Posted by MsSciFi View Post

I can't find a price online for the Ella 5487 gown, The Knot has it in the $600-$1500 bracket. However, a local boutique has a sample in stock and I'm setting up an appointment to try it on tomorrow.  I'll be going alone so I doubt I'll be able to sneak any pictures, but at least I'll be able to pass on a price to you :)


Originally Posted by primavera View Post

Thanks Jen! I loved #1 too!! They are both very beautiful! Have you been able to find a price for the original Ella dress? I can't find it anywhere online.


Dress #1 is a Cymbeline Comtesse ('09-'10 collection), and runs around $3000 new, and $1500-$2000 used. The lace is fuller on a real person than on the model- http://www.whitexchange.com/dress/4080  But I wonder if inweddingdress.com could make the lace lay flatter...  *head explodes*


Hopefully some day this will all come together cheesy.gif

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We wrote at the same time, great minds think alike :) Thank you for posting the pictures!! I love it!!! It fits you great too!

I am thinking the inweddingdress might do a good job with a dress like this, I would love to pay $260 instead of $1000+. I am just a little nervous that it might not look the same....hmm...what to do?!

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Jen the dress looks great on you and I totally think this wouldn't be a hard dress for any of the previously mentioned dress makers to do very close to the original. Good luck with your decision.

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I have an order pending with babyonline right now too, and I've been having similar communication issues.  I got an email from dhgate saying that my dress had shipped, but when I tried to confirm with the rep, they said it had not shipped.  The next day they gave me a tracking number, but when I looked it up, I saw that the package was heading to the wrong city.  When I questioned them about it, they said they had made a mistake, my dress actually had NOT shipped, lol.  They said they had two customers named Karen in the U.S. and they had given me the wrong tracking number.  Now I have to wait until Feb. 18th when they get back from the holiday for them to finish my dress (I ordered at the beginning of January and was quoted 10 business days).  I'm still hoping that it will all work out, but it's pretty clear that they are very disorganized... not sure if it's just due to the holiday or not.  I would recommend waiting until the 18th, asking them to double check all of the information they gave you, and if they still insist that it has shipped, I would open a dispute with dhgate and request a refund.  

Originally Posted by maygimelli View Post

so ladies i have been reading through tons of these threads. just a good topic. so the reason for my interest is for my bridesmaids. I already have my wedding gown. i tried babyonline recently and paid $30 for them to ship me fabric swatch samples before i order the dresses. Well its been literally over 2 weeks! they said they sent the package but when i called USPS and provided the tracking number, the rep told me the package was scanned in their warehouse but has never left. Babyonline swears they sent it and that its delayed because of the new year, but really?? if it was sent then why doesnt it show in transport status for USPS? just seems fishy to me. 2 weeks for some fabric samples? i really want to trust them, but this is not starting off good. has anyone else ordered BM dresses from babyonline and encountered issues?


anyone order BM dresses from a china seller?... and if so, please post pics. I really want this bari jay dress for my BMs. bmaid dress.jpg

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Karen, I really hope your dress shows up. They probably switched it to shipped status so that the order didn't get canceled. You have me a little worried though. I ordered a dress last week knowing it would take longer because they wouldn't start until after the holiday. If it doesn't work out, I'll have to stick with the dress that I originally ordered but don't love.

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I decided to order a dress from LandyBridal. Originally, I was going for a Rosa Clara but I found out I was pregnant so that mermaid fitting gown was not going to work for me. I changed to a different dress on the site, not sure who it's by but it was different fit. Now the thing is I pretty much waited til the LAST SECOND!!! I ordered the dress mid January which means they weren't going to be able to ship it until February 9 (exactly 6 days before I leave for my DW!!!) So the only thing I could do is pray and hope it makes it here on time.


Guess what??? Not only did it come on time (February 14...THE DAY BEFORE I LEAVE) but it actually fits and it's alot better than what I thought it was going to be. It is a tad big but hey...considering i'm 5 months pregnant I rather a bigger dress than a smaller dress.


Buying this dress saved me HUNDREDS!!! Sure their are risks in buying a dress online but everything is a risk!! You buy a dress from a boutique then it closes down and you lost your deposit and dress. I say if it's not that serious on how perfect the fabric is or a couple of stitching that's off then save some money and get a knockoff. No one is going to notice those little flaws anyway,


Good luck ladies.

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Hi Karen


yea its been insane communicating with them. they keep pulling out excuse after excuse after excuse "its in the USA but there is a storm".....WHAT STORM?????? Every tracking website (USPS and China post) has no information on my package except for the destination country being USA and that is it. I'll give them until the end of this week. I think you should definitely hound them about it, but i have a good feeling they never mailed your dress.


Oh and they denied my refund claim...what a joke. I'll be escalating it to a DH.gate assisted claim soon. I would really suggest not working with them anymore. I thought they were reputable but, as you can see, they aren't and all i ordered were fabric swatches. Brides should really be aware. Babyonline is not a reliable seller.

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Hello all you knockoff brides!


I have been reading this thread for a long time, and whanted to share with you my story.


I started looking for wedding dresses for my wedding next july, and found out that I realy loved lace dresses. In my country it is the most common that brides rent a dress, and the rentals do not buy lace dresses. So I started looking in to having one made in China.


I read alot of forums and reviews, and started chatting with Milly Bridal and Landy Bridal. Milly started out good, but when I asked for pictures of samples of lace they just sent a few. I got them to send my fabric samples and it took over a month to arrive, and in the meanwhile the stoped answaring my emails. I think they were a good company but are not keeping up now, so I would not recomend them to anyone.


I also sent emails or requests to alot of other wendors, Monica bridal and more. Monica only had one lace they said they could make the dress with and it was what I whanted.


Landy bridal on the other hand always answared my emails within 24 hours, when I asked to see ther lace samples they sent my a folder with 63 pictures of diffrent lace. I got fabric samples from them and it took 2-3 days to arrive. At first I was going to order the Maggie Sottero Natalie, but with some changes, sweetheart neckline, halter and more. But the day before I orderd I saw the new line from Maggie Sottero and fell in love with Beatrice. I orderd a dress inspired by Beatrice from landy, with a additional detacheable halterneck and the lace I loved.


They said it would tak 45 days in making, before that time had passed I got an email with pictures of my dress, and it is beautiful. It has arrived and is just perfect. It has great boning, and a strech on the inside to help keep it up(which I did now see in the orginal Maggie Sottero dresses I tried) the skirt is 5 layers(silky soft next to the body, then 2 layers of tulle, satin and tulle with lacey overlay).


I had given a bit loose measurements over the hips and it is a litel bit big. But fits every where else, there is still a long time until my wedding so I had always assumed that I would whant it fitted properly after it arrived.


I also orderd a underskirt/petticoat and its perfect and just like the picture.


I would recomend them to anyone, wonderful service and gorgeus dress. I know they ar a bit mor expensive than some other wendors, but for me it was worth it. Am so happy I took the risk.





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