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My mom just told me my invitations came today! I didn't see them yet but I saw the sample online.

I have a RSVP by April first because we are still waiting for people to tell us if they are going or not. Our wedding is in July. Do you thing April was a little earlyhuh.gif I can't change it now but I don't want it to look stupid...also the wedding planner, I'm sure, is going to need to know the number of people for certain things soon.


I'm so excited!!

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I'm excited for you, make sure to post pics when you can! elefant.gif


I don't think April was too early to ask for RSVP's, understandably with DWs you need more notice than a traditional wedding. But based on other brides' experiences, you can probably expect to receive RSVP's way past the deadline date, sometimes even as close as a week before the big day!

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